A Tribe Called Quest: A Perfect Gateway into Hip-Hop


From their jazzy to mellow tunes,  A Tribe Called Quest is a perfect way to get into hip-hop. They are the ideal group for broadening your horizons, but also can impress your parents with your great music taste. 

Besides being a good addition to your playlist they can alter your views or misconceptions about hip-hop or rap. This group breaks the stereotypes that are associated with the genre, that all they talk about is sex, money, and drugs. A Tribe Called Quest does the quite opposite though, from talking about chilling with their friends to celebrating their roots in Queens, New York. 

Combining elements of East Coast Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Funk, they can captivate anyone upon their first listen. Demonstrated in their third album, Midnight Marauders, they are able to show their duality in their music from the sounds of the thumping of a drum to the plucking of a bass. 

A personal favorite and their most popular song from Midnight Marauders, Electric Relaxation provides the duality that they have in their music. The song is able to provide the perfect way to tune down from a busy day or just a low-key melody that is just right for car rides. The group’s discography can be played in almost any type of situation, whether you want to get hyped for a sporting event or a perfect soundtrack to study. 

Unlike some artists, A Tribe Called Quest doesn’t have a specific order for albums that you have to go in to get into them, but I would recommend you listen to The Low End Theory. This album consists of some of their most popular songs, Scenario and Check The Rhime but it also shows more of their jazz-rap side, not to mention those two songs are classics. 

Without a doubt, A Tribe Called Quest is an intriguing group they are worth listening to and I guarantee that you won’t regret getting into them.