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Rolling into 2024: An Overview of Grandview’s 2023

Maanya Jain

As the clock hits midnight, signaling the start of 2024, a swell of excitement cleans through Grandview High School, pledging a year loaded with cheer and fresh dreams. Everyone should make a goal for themselves every year. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to start. For example, many strive to eat healthier, respect everyone, save up, etc.

Let’s recap the year of 2023. 

At the beginning of 2023, Grandview came out with our very own app. The app was developed for various reasons such as tracking bathroom trips for how many times and how long kids were out as well as keeping a digital ID and having access to various school websites. Students had many differing opinions on the creation of the app.

During Miracle Week, students worked together to raise awareness and money for the disease SLC6A1 with five amazing kids: Jason, Will, Max, Reilly, and Charlie. Grandview students could show their support by participating in Miracle Week and dressing up everyday or going to the events that reinforced the cause.

Prom of 2023, the night everyone dreams of. This year, it was one of the most elegant themes. The masquerade gala was where you hid your appearance with gorgeous masks. For seniors, it was their last high school dance and a memorable one.

During Picture Day, students celebrated the beginning of the new school year, where students presented their range of styles that reflected their personalities in their photos.

The varsity football team had a good run this year with an overall score of 8-5, a 61% winning average. The varsity volleyball team also has a very good run with an overall score of 21-7 or 75%. Varsity boys soccer stayed consistent with a 53% winning streak. We also had a few parades, which made Grandview as a wolf pack stronger together. 

Addy Vandel

We can’t forget about Homecoming Week. Let’s recap the week! Monday was cowboy/popstar day. Tuesday was nothing but a backpack day. We saw people go from simply bringing a pillowcase to a family dog carrying their school supplies. On Wednesday, freshmen were supposed to wear red, sophomores blue, juniors green, and seniors white. For Thursday, students showed their Grandview pride and were supposed to wear a shirt representing Grandview. The awaited day, Friday, we had the big homecoming football game which we won. The most important day was on  Saturday where homecoming night was one of the exhilarating nights of some people’s high school year.

It was then time for spooky season and many students got clever with their costumes, displaying their favorite characters or representing their desires. The school hallways were filled with a mixture of spooky and creative outfits. Trick or Treat Street was a hit that the Grandview Chronicle and DECA put together for the younger community.

Pucks Potion, the Musical of the Year, was a wonderful show with hard-working actors across Grandview. Sadly, it was the last play was for the performing arts teacher, Ms. Brianna Lindahl. She was a wonderful teacher and put on amazing shows. Grandview is so sad to see her leave.

During finals week, the library became a seat of concentration with students deep in study guides and notes.  The silent determination to conquer their exams and finish the semester strong filled the classrooms.

In the blink of an eye, a year at Grandview High School went by, leaving behind a lot of amazing memories. As we go into 2024, many are eager about the new year ahead, full of options for everyone at Grandview to learn and continue to be incredible and inspiring.

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Summer Stoneking
Summer Stoneking, Features Writer
Grade: I am in the 9th grade. Years on staff: This is my 1st year on staff. What are you looking forward to the most?: I'm looking forward to taking photos at sporting events. What is your favorite personality trait?: My favorite personality trait about myself is that I'm funny.
Maanya Jain
Maanya Jain, Editor
Grade: I am in 11th grade. Years on staff: This is my second year on staff. What are you looking forward to most: I am looking forward to being a leader in class and teaching new students! What is your favorite personality trait: The traits that I like about myself are that I'm very detail-oriented, creative, and empathetic.

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