The Dimensions of Grandview’s Security

Grandview’s improvements and reflections on their security team.
The Dimensions of Grandviews Security

Roaming around the school in blue, the security guards are everywhere. In the lunchroom, hallways, and even bathrooms. While their name seems very self-exploratory, security guards have a widespread, active presence and role throughout Grandview. 

Security guards and resource officers in schools have been a large part of school safety in recent years. Safety has been on everyone’s mind, and everyone at Grandview wants to maintain that as well. It is not only a primary concern for students and staff, but it is also leaving a big impact on our community.

“I think safety and security to me is more of a feeling,” Dan Taylor, Grandview dean said. “[It’s] being able to focus on what I need to do as an adult, and as a dean, but also security for students.” 

 Many officers are at the forefront of Grandview in case of emergencies.

“I think the most important [thing] is just having people specifically aware. We are not armed, so if somebody was coming, I’m not going to be able to stop them,” Jack Louden, a security guard at Grandview, said,  “However, we are there to help gather students and keep them safe.”

Many schools have been practicing drills to promote student safety. Lockdown drills are an example. A lockdown happened on Monday, August 28th, marking the first of the 2023 school year for Grandview students.

This was the first ever lockdown that took place during a passing period.

“I thought it was very good, Everyone did a good job,” Louden said.

Student safety is a priority for everyone at Grandview, not just the security team.

“I think teachers did an excellent job being in the halls and bringing in students that weren’t theirs,” Taylor said. “Students overall did a great job trying to get to class as soon as possible,  so I think for a new thing, it went as well as it could’ve.”

Lockdowns are tense moments for everyone, and allowing quick communication between law enforcement and teachers is also a big part of safety. With the implemented Red Bag system, teachers can update others on their situations.

“Having the red bag notifications pop up on my phone, it was instantaneous communication.” Taylor said, “And for that regard, it makes it worthwhile. I was able to tell my students not to worry, so they can feel safe.” 

Further improvements in school security have been made. The security team has closed the west entrance and plans on closing the activities entrance during the school day.  Currently, more plans have been made to install vape detectors in school bathrooms.

“Vape detectors are gonna be put in place as far as when that’s to be determined,” Taylor said. “The feedback from students  [is], ‘I don’t feel safe going to the bathroom.’ “ 

Deans and security are still trying to make Grandview a safe environment for every student, regardless of the situation. Although the detectors might be intrusive to some students according to Taylor, security hopes they will positively influence Grandview.

“Even though some students feel like it’s directly targeting them, […] being able to go to the bathroom freely without having those issues [is] going to be an ultimate benefit,” Taylor said. “Ultimately it’s to help students make the right decisions.”

As far as Grandview safety goes, students needs are trying to be managed to best benefit everyone.

“I think what is controllable inside school, and school grounds, is about the best that can be done,” Taylor said. 

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