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What is Grandview Listening To?


Drake Moore parks his car in the Grandview parking lot, preparing for the start of the school day. As he opens the door to the Grandview Athletic Entrance he puts his airpods in, walking through the crowded hallways of Grandview with his music blasting.

“Right now I am listening to Pulling Our Weight by [The] Radio Dept,” sophomore Moore said. 

Moore listens to music daily, especially at school. Music not only entertains Moore but also helps with other aspects.

“I think music just relaxes me. I tend to listen to it at school because it helps me focus” Moore said.

That seems to be the consensus at Grandview. Music has been a part of band teacher Keith Farmer’s everyday life, from his students playing daily, to radio stations, to concerts. Music helps Farmer, and many other people.

“It can give you encouragement, it can give you comfort, it can give you all kinds of inspiration. It depends on what you need,” Farmer said. “Music gives us a way to feel emotions that you can’t do any other way.” 

Mr. Farmer has felt a connection towards music since childhood, buying Wham, Madonna and Britney Spears albums. Farmer believes people cannot live without music.

“I think it’s important to every community,” Farmer said. “Imagine life without music, it would be weird. Imagine TV, movies, commercials, and daily life without music.”

Everybody at Grandview has different music that they listen to in order to process their issues, emotions, or other challenges. With over 2400 students roaming around Grandview, a wide variety of music tastes are present. 

“I really like The Party & The After Party by the Weeknd,” sophomore Eshal Kermani said. 

This is one of the many songs that Kermani listens to made by the Weeknd, especially as the music artist is at the top of her Spotify Wrapped this year. She listens to him during the school day because of the wide range of music he makes. 

“The Weeknd has so many different types of songs. From I Feel It Coming to House of Balloons,” Kermani said. “I like how I can listen to something completely different based on my mood.”

Grandview’s music taste varies through many different genres. Farmer listens to jazz, pop, and classical music. Sophomore Brecken Napawan listens to rap and hip-hop. 

“[I am listening to] Wicked Witch by Nardo Wick,” Napawan said. 

Grandview’s students only play a small part of the music listener community in Grandview.

Christine Jauregui, a world language teacher here at Grandview,  plays “Buddha Chill” music in her advisory class. 

“If I play any other type of music, people might not like it or get crazy,”  Spanish teacher Jauregui said. “Music affects mood, so I want something chill for the background.”

From the music that teachers play, to what is in each individual’s headphones, music helps people through their day, particularly at school. 

“It sustains me.” Farmer said.

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