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Seeking Sisterhood

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Some might describe high school  as stressful, confusing, frustrating, and eye opening.  Although high school is primarily focused on grades and work, it’s also about making memories and finding who you are–exploring who you want to be and what you want to contribute to the world. 

The Sisterhood Club reminds girls at Grandview  that they have a place in the school and helps them find who they want to be and who they are.                                                                       

“It’s to remind them the world has a place for you, you are not here by happenstance, this is where you can be, this is what’s going to  be great for you,” said the SAS – Para – Educator and sponsor Vernetta Clemons.

The club offers a chance for students to meet new people, form new friendships and special bonds throughout the weekly meetings.

“I wanted to join because it was nice to meet new people who have the same background as me and to come together as a race to support one another,” said club member Deavion Gostas.

Sisterhood is a fairly new club starting two and a half years ago that mainly focuses on African American Women.

They’re not less than because their hips are bigger, lips are bigger, [and] hair is curlier.

“We don’t discourage other races not to come, it’s open to all women but our focus is African American Women because our plight historically has its issues,” said Clemons.

The club gives the girls opportunities to be proud of their cultural background and to be themselves.

“You know one thing is you want to remind them that you can come here and be who you are and have your kinky hair and your swagger without thinking you gotta duck it down, you can be exactly who you are,” said Clemons.

In the club, the girls try to find ways to make the school a better place by spreading positivity and just being good overall students.

“We normally talk… about what is happening in Grandview and around our community and how we can change the negative things and embrace the positive things,” said Gostas.

Sisterhood opens new doors for opportunities and friends and allows you to find others to relate and discuss with. It also provides a space to address problems faced personally and in our community. 

“One concern of some girls last year was ‘why do all the black guys like the white girls?” said Clemons. “They want to know why and I told them that’s an age old question you can’t answer, but that shouldn’t stop you from being who you are, that just means he’s not your type and you’re not his and everybody has a type.” 

Additionally, the club participates in many fun events, which form a deeper connection between  the different girls. 

“There is a bunch of events like ‘Application Night’, ‘Sisterhood Sleepover’, ‘Black to School Night’,” said Gostas.

The club is now starting to offer girls a scholarship opportunity. Clemons belongs to Alpha Kappa Mka, which is the first Howard University Alpha chapter. She hopes to bring some of what her sorority offered her to Grandview.  

“They have a senior girls’ thing where they open you up and talk about college and scholarships. That’s where we can help the girls have good experiences and learn to get along with one another” said Clemons. 

Self love is one of, if not, the biggest trait that every woman should have and Sisterhood makes sure to empower all girls involved in the club, whether it’s going to events or just sitting down and listening to everyone’s problems. In Sisterhood, they are reminded that no matter what you are going through, you have a place in this world and you’re beautiful in every which way. 

“It’s supposed to empower them by encouraging and reminding that they’re not less than because their hips are bigger, lips are bigger, [and] hair is curlier.” said Clemons.

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Seeking Sisterhood