Gaming at Grandview


A hobby that many teenagers have clung to during these remote, isolated, and dark times are video games. As a lot of video games rose to popularity, businesses and schools have found opportunities within video games and have started incorporating them into clubs and sports.

Recently, Mrs. Beaird, the activities director, approved an Esports gaming club at Grandview High School. 

“You do have competitions, and you do have practices. It’ll likely take place at a computer lab of some sort within the building, after school,” said Mrs. Beaird. “You’re not going to competitions, instead you compete at your space via online. Just like your house.”

The concept of live streaming championships and tournaments is still being determined, but it is a high possibility that, in the near future, students will be able to watch live championships on Youtube or another streaming service offered by Grandview.

Unlike other sports like Volleyball and Football, the Esports Club does not fill a slot in the ‘two sports maximum’ policy that Grandview has.

 “So if someone really wanted to, they could be in two sports, and still be able to participate in the Esports team,” Mrs. Beaird said.“ There is no requirement. You just have to be in good academic standing.” 

For many, Esports has become an alternative to physical sports in the past year. 

“I like the community and friendships that come with playing sports, but in today’s climate with covid, sports aren’t as safe as they used to be,” said Freshmen Jakob Swa. “Being on an esports team allows people to still have that friendship and community while still being safe.”

The Esports club started in February and has been in full swing since. 

“The League’s focus this spring season will be on two different team-based games: League of Legends and Rocket League,” said the team’s sponsor, Mr. Nevares. “The cool thing about these games is that they are free to play, so virtually anyone who has a computer can download these games and play with their friends immediately – the postseason will be in May, where we hope to be a contender for the State Championship.”

With Esports now being a club at Grandview Highschool, it opens up a window for many students who like competition, want to have fun, and don’t want to be in a close or physical environment with one another. The Esports club also serves as a great social experience based upon team building and common interests.

With any interest in joining you can email Mr. Nevarez at [email protected].