Unified Under One Pack

Project Unified continues through COVID-19.


Photos Provided By: Katie Fisher

Neither COVID-19 nor remote learning could prevent the unrelenting force of Project Unified from continuing to spread their message of inclusion and respect within Grandview’s community. 

“Well, we’ve had our meetings online and that’s basically what we’ve done,” said Snelgrove. 

These changes have caused some limitations to how the club functions. 

“We usually have activities every month with other clubs and we haven’t been able to do that,” said Snelgrove.

“The cohorts can’t meet, so we can’t get the whole club together.”

Fortunately, the officers and organizers of Unified are not willing to let these new circumstances keep them from doing activities with their fellow members.

“We try to find activities and events that would work,” said Snelgrove. “We are just trying to be as creative as possible.”

“It’s just a little frustrating, but we are trying to make the best of it.” 

Some of these creative activities have included a scavenger hunt and a Kahoot during the online meetings, according to co-president, Annabelle Ryan. 

The club now has a bright, green light to begin meeting in October, though with fewer people than normal.

Although they are looking forward to bringing back their meetings, Unified will still be taking the necessary precautions in order to keep everyone safe.

“We are going to meet in two different cohorts and make sure everyone is safe and distant,” said Ryan.

Along with their in person meetings, the club also received approval for their Inclusion Week, which is held every year.

“We are hoping to have our Inclusion Week come November,” said Andricopoulos. 

“We will have our annual trivia, virtually also.”

While planning for Inclusion Week, Unified is hoping that many other clubs and for the student body’s participation.

“ We usually decorate the hallways,” said Snelgrove.

“The art club has helped decorate the doors [for us].”

The way that the club impacts the community can simmer down to three simple facts. 

“It changes lives, it changes hearts, and it just makes the world a better place,” said Snelgrove.