Meraki Goes Online

Meraki Goes Online

Grandview’s literary and art publication, Meraki, is now digital.

Check out the site!

What can you submit?

Writing: Meraki accepts poetry, including spoken word/slam poetry (submitted in either audio (.mp3) or video (.mp4) format), prose of all genres, and original scripts (including plays, screenplays, standalone scenes, and monologues.)

Visual Art: Meraki accepts a variety of work to their visual arts category, including paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, multimedia, graphic design and more.

NOTE: all accepted visual art will be published in a yearly gallery. Six pieces will be chosen yearly to be featured on the home screen.

Hybrid Genres: The hybrid genre category includes work of varying mediums. Pieces submitted to this category should take an unconventional approach to writing, whether by combining multiple pre-existing genres and art or creating a new one altogether.

Hybrid also includes, but is not limited to, film essay/poem, photo essay, new media writing, performance documentation, or some other hybrid of media, materials, structures, conventions, and forms.

Under this category, Meraki now accepts original music and singer-songwriter compositions submitted in either audio (.mp3) or video (.mp4) format and short films submitted in .mp4 or youtube.

How to submit:

You can submit your work still through the Arts and Entertainment tab on the Chronicle and through the submit tab on the Meraki site.

You can also email work to [email protected]


Featured Image by Amy Liu. Her art can be found, among many others, in last year’s gallery.