“Not Your Business”


Caleigh Daugherty

Are you excited about business? The answer is probably no, but why?

We’re all familiar with the typical jobs in America such as accountants, retail salespersons, or general office clerks. However, there are many more opportunities out there. Students are rarely exposed to other jobs, like the people who designs shirts to fit professional bodybuilders.

During lunches on Thursday, February 15, students at Grandview High School will have the opportunity to speak with professionals from a variety of careers in the business world to learn more about what they can do following high school.

Compared to the career fair students are used to seeing, Grandview DECA’s officers of School Relations, Emma McCartney and Lauren Nelson, said it will be different types of jobs/businesses featured.

“I think the main difference is that we’re targeting niche businesses. We wanted to find businesses that are really unique that would be interesting to kids at the highschool age,” said McCartney.

When students are told about jobs in the business world, the jobs generally brought to attention sound boring and tedious. However, the business world doesn’t have to be all that bad. There are many careers that can fit into a variety of interests.

“We think that finding these unique jobs is really going to help students discover that even if they weren’t interested in business, they can see that there are many different types of business,” said Nelson.

A few of the many careers set to be featured are accountants from Stone Pine Accounting Services, entrepreneurs behind the bike rentals in Denver, and other businesses throughout Colorado.

“The people coming are from really cool businesses in Denver that you’ve seen (before), but probably have not considered the business behind it,” said McCartney.

The “Not Your Business” Business Career Fair will provide students with some valuable insight into the job force. With the help of Grandview’s DECA and FBLA, students may find their future.