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Cheers to Grandview’s GrandBrew!


Are you ever sitting in your first period class feeling super tired? If so, then support the GrandBrew students and order a cup of coffee!

GrandBrew is a program done by the ILC community. Students come to classrooms and take orders from any student and deliver the drinks within the same class period.

They sell a variety of drinks, and most importantly, every drink costs only one dollar! All the money collected from GrandBrew goes to the ILC program.

The students go around to classes every 1A to take orders. After your order is taken, the students prepare your drink, and have it delivered to your class.

Sophomore Quintin Ulmer just started doing GrandBrew this year, and he says that he loves it, and will continue to do it.

“I like how you can make the drink for the customer and deliver it, but my most favorite part is Free Drink Friday,” said Ulmer.

“I’m a learning type of guy and if I make a mistake, I can learn.” Ulmer said to us that GrandBrew is not only fun, but it helps him academically too.

“The more you learn the better you get.” Ulmer said that through certain experiences in GrandBrew, he has learned, and he wants to continue learning and teaching.

“Hopefully I can help others that are in the same classroom as me to do the same so we don’t get confused.”

Senior Ryan Burkhart has been involved with GrandBrew for only one year as well and mostly makes and delivers orders. Burkhart says that he enjoys making the drinks – mostly hot chocolate.

“[We sell] hot chocolate, hot coffees, iced coffees, Arnold Palmers, and tea,” said Burkhart.

Burkhart says that one of his favorite parts of GrandBrew is Free Drink Friday (which is only for ILC students).

“Sometimes I get hot chocolate, and sometimes I get iced coffee,” he said.

Senior Gabby Caballero has been with GrandBrew for two years. 

“I like to help people get their drinks,” said Caballero. She also really enjoys making drinks, especially the iced coffee.

Shayla Turner – a junior at Grandview, said that her favorite thing to do is taking orders. “We serve hot chocolate, arnold palmers, iced coffee, apple cider, hot coffee.”

Junior Destiny Weldon also says that GrandBrew is her favorite class, and she makes the drinks while others are taking orders and delivering them.

“I can make coffees and hot chocolates,” said Weldon.

According to Britt Gollihur, an ILC para at Grandview, the program is pretty busy every morning.

“It’s probably 100-200 [cups] a day,” Gollihur said.

“They mostly order like hot chocolate and iced coffee and hot coffee,” Ulmer said.

“We go into english classes, art classes, math, science, gym, the library, and security,” said Gollihur.  The students make their way around almost the whole school during 1A.

These students love the GrandBrew program, and anybody who is interested in helping is strongly encouraged to.

“Students should support GrandBrew because it’s given a lot of our kids in ILC to work in a situation close to real life and give a little more guidance before they go out into the real world,” said Gollihur. “So we’re teaching them how to talk and be with people and how to take orders and use money and how to work in a work situation.” 

I’m a learning type of guy and if I make a mistake, I can learn.

“We give them this opportunity so before they go out into the workforce they have a little heads up of what is expected of them.”

Not only does this help students in our school learn, but it benefits them in a multitude of ways.

“The money also goes to kids who can’t buy lunch, funding, and teaching other skills needed for the kids to move forward after high school,” said Gollihur.

“We do have a lot of kids that come in and volunteer to help with us. They are there to be a role model of what’s appropriate and how to work appropriately in a workplace.”

According to students in GrandBrew, and teachers who help with it, GrandBrew is a lot of fun.

“It’s a fun environment. We listen to music the whole time. It’s a pretty cool operation.” said Gollihur.

Gollihur said she has never seen anything like this program at another school.

Whether it is a morning that you’re really tired and needing coffee, or a day that you feel like helping people out, there are many ways to support GrandBrew!

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  • A

    a sophomoreDec 6, 2017 at 10:34 pm

    How do I order stuff? I would love to have a coffee in the morning! I didn’t even know about this

  • K

    kaylaDec 6, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    can you please come to u220?

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Cheers to Grandview’s GrandBrew!