Athlete of The Week – Cayden Bird (2/6)


Andre Brown

Our athlete of the Week is Cayden Bird, a senior, wrestler, and football player for the Wolves.

How do you think your wrestling season has gone so far?

So far is going well. Getting back into things, but it’s going well.

How do you think your football season went?

It wasn’t the outcome we wanted, but I think it went really well. We made a lot of progress.

What is football to you?

Football is a game where I can hang out with friends and put in hard work and know that it will pay off in the end and just a way to get away from things.

Is there anything you would change about the football season of year?

I would change the end of the season. With all our guys getting hurt, I would change them not getting hurt. I think we could have gone a lot farther in the playoffs.

What was your favorite part of the football season?

My favorite part was beating Creek. That Creek game was fun and the Fruita Monument game. Driving down there, staying in a hotel with all my friends and buddies, that was fun.

If you could add some extra elements to your game for your next season at CSU Pueblo, what would those elements be?

Hard work. Working on everything I can to be a better football player and better person.

What could you guys have done better this season?

I think we could have done better coming out more prepared during the games instead of waking up in the second half.

What do you think you contributed to the team this year?

I contributed hard work [and] helped my team in any way I could. 

What were the contributing factors into choosing CSU Pueblo?

I really liked the new coaching staff up there. I love the O-line coach and how close it is to home. [As well as] the winning tradition they got up there.

What are your goals for the upcoming season in Pueblo?

See how far I can go and ultimately be a better football player.

How are you preparing for it?

Right now I’m wrestling so that’s helping me. Continuing to lift weights and run and work on all that.