Welcome Back Grandview!


Katie Fisher and Will Brent Inzana

Welcome back Wolves!

After a refreshing summer, we at the Chronicle are ready to get back to covering our school’s stories this year. And oh, what a year we have ahead of us.

This year is Grandview’s 25th anniversary, marking an important milestone for our school.

We are returning to a freshly renovated building with an expanded ILC department, news stage in the theater, a new electronic clock system, and a TV studio for our broadcasting publication, GVTV.

The Chronicle has also seen its own changes this year.

With Katie Fisher taking over as Editor-In-Chief, we are also pleased to name Will Brent Inzana as the Chronicle’s first Senior Editor.

Each of our departments will also be headed by a manager this year, with those positions being filled by Karisma Flowers, Esme Mendez Sanchez, Almas Elayyan, Lina Azlou, and Bradley Powell.

Our Staff this year includes 34 journalists total, with 21 of them being first-years. 

We will continue to cover our traditional categories of Features, Opinions, and Sports this year, while we are excited to include more collaboration with GTVT this coming year and hope to implement more cross-reporting between the two publications. 

The Chronicle is a family to all of us, and we hope to progress this family to a closeness and status this year that it has never reached before.

As always, we want to hear from you. From the community. It is due to you that we have stories to report, and we want to hear all of them. 

Here’s to the bright future this year offers, and the stories that we will find hidden inside. We cannot wait to show you what we have to produce this year!