Something is Better than Nothing: Spring Break Boredom Guide


1. Watch New Movies or Shows

During Spring Break the best way to kick back and relax is to watch a movie. Whether it is sitting on your couch with snacks and a blanket, or going to see a movie in theaters with some friends, this is the perfect way to spend your Spring Break. 

Some movie recommendations are:

Howl’s Moving Castle 

Lilo and Stitch

How to Train your Dragon

Yet, if movies are not your forte, also consider binge watching a new show. 

Some show recommendations are:



2. Try New Places to Eat

If you have a love for trying new foods or just food in general, going to try new food places is the best way to expand your palate during Spring Break. Even just going to your favorite restaurant and trying different things off the menu can be a fun experience.  

If you’re looking for a cooler and newer place to go to, the new Kung Fu Tea that just opened up offers a variety of boba drinks for you to try.

3. Shopping 

Although shopping may be a drag for some, others have fun indulging in some new clothing. Especially with summer break coming in a few months it might be a good idea to buy some new swimwear or just treat yourself in general.  Even just browsing through the mall with some friends can be a great way to treat yourself during Spring Break.

4. Find New Music

Finding new music is usually a very time consuming activity, but is always worth it in the end. During the week of Spring Break it might not be a bad idea to take some of that time to organize your playlists or find new music. Especially if you’re starting to get bored of your current music it might not be a bad idea to also listen to other peoples playlists or check out new artists over Spring Break.

5. Spring Cleaning

During school it’s often very hard to keep places like your room, closet, or bathroom clean. Over break, consider tidying your spaces so you can start off the last quarter refreshed and not have to worry about your room during school. Although for some it may be hard to keep their room clean it’s very worth the time.

6. Make Something for your Friends

Even without any special occasions coming up it never hurts to make special presents for your friends. From friendship bracelets to maybe learning origami, it is always nice to brighten another person’s day. 

As well as this, making arts and crafts is a very stress relieving activity for your break. It can be a great way to alleviate stress while being semi-productive and a nice deed for your friends.

7. Try to Bake or Cook Something

Although baking can be quite hard sometimes, it is also a very therapeutic activity. The end result is also a tasty treat that you can enjoy throughout Spring Break or all at once. 

Some easy recipes include:

Strawberry Muffins


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Or if you’re not as good at baking, buying box mix is just as fun.

8.Try Weird Food Combinations

If you want to try something that’s quite entertaining, trying out things like weird food combinations can be very fun. The foods can range from the most disgusting food combinations you can think of to some strangely good ones. 

Some combinations might be:

Peanut butter and pickles

Hot cheetos and milk (I know it sounds weird)

Fries and syrup

Bacon and Nutella

9. Reading

Reading, although it isn’t for everyone, is also a relaxing activity to try. It can also serve as an escape from any school drama or grades. Personal books are also much more enjoyable than the books you’re forced to read at school. If you’re looking for a good book to read it might be convenient to go to the public library or just look online.

10. Exercise

Exercising is the perfect way to spend your Spring Break productively. Although this activity might not be for everyone, it’s definitely a healthy outlet from any stress caused by school. Exercising can be a more productive option for people that want to stay active during Spring Break.