Humans of Grandview: Lauren Campbell


Katie Fisher, Writer

I am interested in menstrual equity, which is like a broad term, basically about helping women during their periods because there is a tampon tax on menstrual items; it’s just a big issue. So I am involved in that really through Girl Scouts.  I am [also] the Colorado State Director for an organization called Generation Ratify. We are the youth-led movement working to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, so basically through that, we work on gender equality in general. I am also the Cherry Creek School District lead for The Diversify Our Narrative, we are basically working on trying to diversify textbooks and readings at school so that it includes people of color and BIPOC (black, Indigenous, and people of color) authors.

We needed 37 states to ratify [the ERA], out of 50. But, we got 33 or something. They put a deadline on it, and we are trying to remove the deadline that was previously placed on the ERA. So it would just put women in the Constitution, [and] in addition to women, just genders, since it was written and can be interpreted from the perspective of just straight, white men.

My most successful social campaign so far would have to be my Girl Scouts silver award that I did with my best friend Annalise. We were able to raise and donate 6 pad dispensers to Liberty Middle School, in addition to 84,000+ pads. That allowed us to raise awareness for menstrual equity, and help the students at [Liberty].

I realized [social work] was interesting to me, and being able to potentially take this career work further would be interesting.  So I am thinking, as of right now, maybe majoring in humans rights and then going to law school. So, that is my current goal.

[In the future] I hope to be remembered, and make a difference. It’s pretty cliche, but I just want to do something that will impact social change in a positive way. I don’t need to be the face of a movement, I just want to be somebody who can help make a difference.”