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“The Get Down”: A Netflix Series That Deserves More Love. [Opinions]

In a sea of streaming options, it’s easy for some shows to be missed and hidden. One show that deserves far more attention is Netflix’s 2016 show, “The Get Down”.

Created by the amazing Baz Luhrmann and Stephen Adly Guirgis, this series takes viewers back to 1970s Bronx, where the pulse of hip-hop and disco beats echoes through the streets.

At its core, “The Get Down” is a coming-of-age tale that follows a group of teenagers dealing with the challenges of their teenage lives with the changing cultural landscape.

Led by the charismatic Ezekiel “Books” Figuero, portrayed by Justice Smith, Ezekiel, and the other characters deal with love, friendship, and pursuing their dreams in a city surrounded by poverty and social unrest.

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What makes “The Get Down” different is its commitment to authenticity. From the costume design to the soundtrack curated by hip-hop legend Nas, every aspect of the show is crafted to take viewers back to the birth of hip-hop and disco culture. 

The attention to detail is shown in every frame, making the audiences feel and imagine they’re around the sights, sounds, and struggles of 1970’s New York City.

Despite its amazing cinematography, “The Get Down” has not received the same media coverage and recognition as some of Netflix’s other shows. 

The oversight that the show gets causes it to look like another conventional film. The show gives potential viewers a truly immersive and transformative viewing experience that causes them to feel like they’re apart of the production.

Viewers of Netflix don’t really give “The Get Down” a chance but here’s why they should. 

To start, the show gives a captivating and unique perspective on an important moment in musical history.

By exploring the origins of hip-hop and disco while being around the Bronx street life, “The Get Down” shows how cultural influences shaped modern music and trends in the media that is now seen today. 

Additionally, “The Get Down” has a diverse cast of characters who show the multicultural environment of the Bronx.

From dream DJs and graffiti artists to strong musicians and activists, the show has representation for communities that often fail to be recognized in mainstream media.

“The Get Down” is not just a story about music; it’s about strength, creativity, and how art has the power to change lives. 

Through the use of the different dynamic characters and attention-grabbing plotlines, the show captures how a generation is determined to rise above difficulties and make their voices heard.

With its fascinating storytelling, bright characters, and great soundtrack, the show offers a thrilling glimpse into an important moment in music history. So, the next time you’re scrolling through Netflix’s homepage wondering what to watch, consider giving “The Get Down” a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

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