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Teen Entrepreneur Takes Fashion World by Storm

At Grandview High School, one student is making an impact not just in the classroom but in the fashion world. Armon Hamilton (Tana), a 10th grader with a passion for style and business, has taken the opportunity to start his fashion brand, 2CLOCKD.

Designer: Armon Hamilton (Tana)

“I’ve always been into fashion and loved clothes and was always drawing and making designs, but it was mainly because I wanted to make money legally while doing what I always loved,”  Tana said.

When asked about his inspiration for starting his fashion brand he expressed how he wanted to do something out of his 2 likings, fashion and making money.

Describing 2CLOCKD‘s style as “stylish yet affordable streetwear,” Tana strives to create clothing that makes a statement and empowers people to stand out.

“It’s the embodiment of doing what you want and chasing your goals and aspirations no matter if someone else agrees with it,” Tana said.

What sets Tana and his brand 2CLOCKD apart from other brands is affordability and inclusivity.

“I don’t overcharge for my clothes and never will. I want everyone to see the message and want everyone to feel like they can be confident in their clothing,” Tana said.

Photographer: Ibrro

Personal experiences and beliefs are a big part of Tana’s designs. For example, the 2CLOCKD full zip-up hoodie has a meaningful quote on the sleeve, reflecting his belief in independence and authenticity.

“It’s always best to figure things out for yourself and do what you want to do,” Tana said.

Building a strong connection with his customers is a predominant hope for Tana.

“I always try my best to build a relationship with my customers and make them feel like they are just as much a part of the brand as me because they are,” Tana said.

When it comes to his brand’s values, Tana expresses how self-expression and individuality are important for everyone.

“Just stay fly and wear what you want. I would like to make sure everyone has a chance to experience that,” Tana said.

Despite the constant changes in fashion trends, Tana stays true to his brand by focusing on authenticity.

“By not necessarily following trends but just doing what I want and making what I want to make because the new trend I want to start is to just be yourself,”  Tana said.

Looking ahead, Tana envisions 2CLOCKD becoming a brand that spreads throughout the world. 

“I see my brand evolving into a worldwide brand as of right now it’s very popular locally and by the end of this year it will be all across the United States,” Tana said.

For Tana, his customers have an important role in the shaping of his brand.

“My customers are everything to me because they truly make the brand; I just design the clothes,” Tana said.

Tana’s goal for 2CLOCKD goes beyond fashion, he hopes that he can leave a mark not just in the fashion world but in the hearts of customers.

Photographer: Ibrro

“My ultimate goal is to use my brand to spread a message and show everyone that if you want to do something you can do it,” Tana said. 

Interested in supporting and buying from 2CLOCKD? Links below:

2CLOCKD Instagram:

2CLOCKD Tik Tok:

2CLOCKD Website:

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