Remote Learning Done Right


Compiled by Caleigh Daugherty

With remote learning in full swing, we asked students for their best study tips to keep online school days productive and manageable:

1: Make a list of all of your weekly assignments and prioritize your work.

“Do what you think is important first honestly. Also, take breaks and drink water and have a snack.”

“Write out everything that needs to be done; organize everything to be done on certain days.”

2: Set up a schedule.

“Set a schedule for yourself to keep things as normal as possible.”

“Wake up early and finish what you need to do every day, so you have time to rest later.”

“Use Egenda! It’s a great app for organizing and it’s free.”

3: Keep distractions to a minimum.

“Put your phone in another room.”

“Get out of your bed and have a set workspace.”

4: Know your limits and take breaks when you need to.

“Give yourself 2-3 hours a day to get as much as you can done. Don’t look at your phone.”

“Do one class then take a break.”

“Work for 20-30 minutes at a time, then take a 5-minute break.”

5: Work with friends.

“Facetime your friends to stay off of social media and keep each other on track.”

6: “Do your best!”

Remember we are all working together to figure this out. Be patient with your teachers and know that they are here for you. Be sure to check the Chronicle social media accounts and website to stay up to date with what’s happening.