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Meet Dream Week Kid: Finn Kennedy

Both hardships and dreams work together to form the events of a human life. Finn Kennedy was born with down syndrome and in 2022 was diagnosed with leukemia. He started chemotherapy but soon after had a stroke that changed the treatment plan. He continues to participate as a quarterback for his flag football team at 13 and dreams to meet the University of Michigan football team.

Leadership students have worked hard the past month to give Grandview an exciting week filled with fun events to help raise money for Finn.

“Dream Week is being executed through a lot of hard work over the past couple of months,” junior Emma Cary said. “We are all in a lot of different committees to help execute this through advisory lessons all the way to pep assembly and different events like dodgeball and yoga.”

Grandview has participated in raising money for numerous kids and organizations for the last 10 years and has raised a grand total of $282,756. Grandview has all elements to support these large goals.

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“Grandview is participating in Dream Week because we have a very large interactive student body,” junior Mariem Bouaziz said. “Our student body always wants to help and give back, especially considering we come from such a great school and we have the ability to make such an impact.”

There are many different ways to donate and the student body is highly recommended to contribute.

“There’s lots of different ways you can donate,” sophomore Madison Ferebee said. “There’s restaurant nights you can go to or if you buy tickets for Miss Grandview, that’s a way to donate.”

A change from last year to this year is the name. This year leadership is working with a different organization.

“Miracle Week and Dream week are based around the same concept. But the organization that we’re working with this year is called Dream on 3,” junior Faris Kahale said. “To show that we’re really involved with the corporation that we’re working with, we wanted to change our name from Miracle Week to Dream week. 

In addition to being a new organization, Dream on 3 has other focus. 

“They take a child on their dream sports vacation,” Kahale said. “They base it on something that everyone in the family can enjoy so they can have a week’s vacation.”

Finn’s fun and uplifting personality has played a large part in making this Dream Week happen.

“We chose Finn based on how we identified with him and just how we all loved him and his spirit,” Cary said. 

Finn has many different interests alongside his love for Michigan State football. 

“He really loves country music, that’s his favorite genre of music ever,” Ferebee said.

On March 6th during the pep assembly Finn will meet all of the students and administrators that have displayed support for him. 

“I’m really excited to meet him and I’m really excited for the whole school to meet him,” junior Ava Vertido said.

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