Colorado Rockies: No Trophy in Sight [Opinions]

Colorado Rockies: No Trophy in Sight [Opinions]

Let’s face it: The Colorado Rockies are *already* showing signs of being terrible this season.

This isn’t much of a shock to us fans, as they have been sitting firmly in last place of the National League West since 2022.

With a losing record of 5 and 18 fans are asking themselves is it even worth it? 

Not only are the Rockies just a bad-performing team, but they trade away and let go of their most skilled and entertaining players. 

In 2021 Colorado traded their 7-year straight gold glove winner and 5-year consecutive silver slugger winner Nolan Arenado to the St. Louis Cardinals. Also letting go of 2-time silver slugger and 2-time all-star Trevor Story due to free agency in 2022.

The losses of Nolan Arenado, who left the team in 2021 due to “problems with the front office,” and former manager Walt Weiss in 2016 could be possible factors to the team’s losing streak

But is there more to this than just “bad players?”

Both Arenado AND Weiss stated problems with the front office, which should be considered and addressed thoroughly. 

The Rockies bad season isn’t just about bad players. This is about an organization that needs to get itself together to look like a possible semblance of a team

 before it’s too late.

“I told them I was not going to pursue another contract; it was time to move on…I just thought the working relationship with the front office wasn’t healthy or productive,” Weiss said in an interview with the Denver Post. “That was ultimately my thought when I made this decision.”

On the other hand, however, Bridich had another description of the relationship.

“The working relationship is evolving and continues to evolve,” Bridich said.

He goes on to stress that there have been varying levels of communication between himself and Weiss. There is some room for improvement, but overall, the two have worked well together. 

There are two sides to that story and it is unclear what really happened between the two, as there is not much information available.

Another controversy within the Rockies organization is the McGregor Square. 

Opening in 2021, this ‘tourist attraction’ is home to condos, a hotel, and valuable retail space.

Back in 2021, fans were outraged by this development, especially after the trade of Nolan Arendao, the former face of the team. Fans threatened boycotts for home games and McGregor Square. 

This, along with the other altercations has led to the questioning of the Rockies as a contender for the MLB. Ultimately, the Rockies are in poor shape – and if we want to see them go far this year- they will have to get their act together.

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