Increased Anticipation as Cheerleading Tryouts Approach

Increased Anticipation as Cheerleading Tryouts Approach

 Cheer tryouts are soon to begin, and the gym is humming with excitement as they rehearse their routines in an attempt to earn a position on the team. . 

“I physically prepare by doing the post season workouts that are available for us to get my body back in shape again and do it with other teammates to help my mental.” Sophomore Leilee Philachanh said.

Trying new activities and improving at them allows you to grow and gain confidence, which prepares you mentally.

“We listen, get together before tryouts, go over the game plan, go over the material, and try new things to be prepared for trials,” Junior Hannah Schenck said. “This helps you mentally prepare and experience the new changes.”

The success of the team can be determined on the leadership of returning varsity players who are expected to perform to the highest standard and be supportive teammates.

“The coach’s expectation is that we are kind and helpful to one another, and that we set a good example for everyone else,” Junior cheerleader Tala Brown said.

Losing the senior cheerleaders will be tough, as they were a significant part of the team’s success. However, it opens the door for incoming freshmen to step up and showcase their talents at cheer tryouts.

“I’ve met a couple freshmen, they are definitely excited and are obviously nervous, but they will be okay.” Junior cheerleader Hannah Schenck said.

Returning varsity players are expected to set the bar high by setting a good example, determining the team’s success.

“We practice almost everyday, and are expected to attend practices and games, also attending team events.” Brown said.

 Staying positive and cheering on your teammates, it not only lifts them up but also improves your own chances of doing well.

“I will support my teammates and keep their spirits high during tryouts, offering encouragement and cheering them on every step of the way,” Schenck said.

Tryouts are crucial as they determine whether you remain or advance to a higher level team, providing the chance to continue learning and refining skills.

“I want to focus on improving my basing skills because last year was my first year of basing after flying my whole life.” Brown said.

At tryouts, everyone hopes to make the varsity team, while lower-level squads like JV have been working hard to improve their skills in preparation for this opportunity to compete at the top level.

“I have been dedicating extra time to improve my tumbling skills, working on my level of stunts, and focusing on making my motions sharp and clean,” Freshman Payton Burt said. “Hopefully with improving my abilities I can take it to the varsity level.”

Tryouts are an assessment of one’s limitations; in order to compete, you must have specific objectives and be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone to be better.

“We have to do our best no matter what, stay confident and ready, and make sure we perform great at both state and national competitions,” Schenck said.

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