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    Adventures Awaits: Top 10 Must-Do Activities for a Memorable Summer


    Summer becomes the perfect time to create amazing memories as the sun shines on faces giving longer days and warmer temperatures. These ten must-try things will make this summer the most fulfilling of your life, whether you’re looking for thrills, calm, or something between the two.

    2. Road Trip

    Nothing truly portrays the mood of summertime like a fun road trip. Take a road trip with family or friends and explore cute little towns, weird roadside attractions, and different roads. Match your trip to your interests; many options include a road trip through a national park to a scenic drive. Bring your favorite playlist, a map, and some food for the best possible road trip.

    2. Lakes

    Spending time at a lake is the best option for anyone looking for a combination of relaxation and fun. Take a ride on a kayak or paddleboard, rent a home near the water, or just relax on the shore and enjoy the sun. You can find the perfect location, whether it’s within the calm landscape of the Grand Lake or the sparkling waters of the Blue Mesa Reservoir. For a beautiful way to end the day, don’t forget to go fishing or enjoy a sunset boat trip.

    3. Waterparks

    Enjoy a waterpark to get away from the heat and let your inner kid loose. Waterparks provide free excitement for people of all ages through their thrilling slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers. Locations like WaterWorld or Island Kingdom at Elitch Gardens promise a day filled with fun and splashes. While you make your way through an exciting day filled with lots of water, remember to reapply sunscreen often and to drink plenty of water.

    4. Amusement Parks

    With roller coasters, cotton candy, and an everlasting feeling of adventure, amusement parks are a symbol of summertime. Famous amusement parks such as Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Lakeside, and Elitch Gardens include both child-friendly rides and attractions and thrill-seekers. Plan your trip to enjoy some of the most thrilling rides, eat amazing food, and have many laughs with family or friends.

    5. Zoos

    Zoos are great for an enjoyable and informative day trip. See habitats alive with amazing creatures from around the world and get up close and personal with fascinating and entertaining interactive exhibits. Known zoos, such as the Denver Zoo or Cheyanne Zoo, provide amazing habitats and chances to learn about efforts to protect animals. Don’t miss the opportunity to see tons of birds fly around or feed a giraffe.

    6. Concerts

    Summertime comes with an exciting festival season and a lot of music festivals and concerts. Anyone who likes music can find a concert they’ll enjoy, from smaller acoustic artists in neighborhood parks to big festivals like the Colorado Music Festival or Summerfest. Enjoy live acts under the stars, take in the energetic atmosphere, and make memories while dancing to your favorite music. Be sure to look  concerts in your area through social media.

    7. Hikes

    The summer is a great season to hike for people who love being outdoors. Hiking allows for getting exercise, taking in beautiful scenery, and making a connection with nature. Wonderful experiences can be enjoyed at places like the Emerald Lake Trail, Red Rocks, and the Hanging Lake Trail, no matter if you choose a quiet wooded path or a challenging mountain hike. Usually go hiking prepared, taking a map, plenty of water, and the right clothing.

    8. Camping

    Go camping to truly appreciate nature. Whether you choose to camp in an RV, a tent, or glamping, spending a night outside is a summertime must. Gorgeous views and lots of opportunities for outdoor activities like watching the sky, fishing, and campfire storytelling may be found at national parks like The Rocky Mountains and Estes Park. To maintain the beauty of nature, make sure you follow all the rules and pick up after yourself

    9. Fairs

    With their colorful setting, delicious food, and wide range of entertainment, summer fairs build unity in the community. Everybody can find something to enjoy, from thrilling rides and cultural displays at state fairs to locally produced goods on display at artisan fairs. Enjoy funnel cakes, test your luck at fair games, and take in the night sky’s fireworks or festivities

    10. Adventure Parks

    Adventure parks contain thrilling experiences like rock climbing, zip-lining, and obstacle courses for those who love an adrenaline rush. These parks are perfect for people who want to push their limits since they combine natural beauty with difficult surfaces. To get past your worries and enjoy the rush of achievement, go to sites like the Colorado Adventure Center or EDGE Ziplines.

    Get out of your routine and engage in these activities this summer. Every activity provides a different opportunity to bond with family and friends, discover new locations, and write beautiful stories that you may keep telling even after summertime is over. So grab your sunscreen, gather everything you need, and start your summertime journey!

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