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NBA All Stars: Grandview’s Predictions

Student’s Favorite Team’s, Favorite Players, and All Star and NBA Finals Predictions

NBA All-Stars: Grandview’s Predictions

With 30 teams and 450 players, basketball has been one of the top three sports in the world for as long as this new generation has been alive, leaving a huge impact on viewers worldwide.

The most memorable moments in basketball are the All-Star game and the finals. With the All-Star game, viewers vote on who they think are the best basketball players in the league and the most voted people play a game of basketball for the world to see. The finals are the result of the top two teams in the league going head-to-head in a seven-game series to become the NBA Champions. 

A large number of Grandview students watch the NBA and in doing so, they form opinions about their favorite players and teams. No matter when you start to watch basketball, you can still be a part of the community like Sophomore Connor Stutman.

“I’ve liked it since I was out of the womb, since day one,” sophomore Connor Stutman said.

Basketball fans come in all shapes and sizes, with different preferences regarding teams and players.

“I like the Golden State Warriors,” freshman Malcolm Smith said. “My dad just put me onto them and I liked them for a while.”

Many fans believe players like Jamal Murray are greatness in the making and have varying opinions on players and their performances. However, Grandview happens to have many strategies as to selecting players and teams to follow.

“It’s got to be Jamal Murray,” Stutman said. “He was a demon in the bubble.”

For some players, their favorite team comes from lineage but others just like to see the game happen rather than rooting for one team.

“I’m just enjoying watching it,” said sophomore Mosi Austin. 

Regardless of all the team and player talk, the NBA has a process to show who’s been doing the best in the league. That process is the NBA All-Star game. The All-Star game selects some of the best players in the NBA and puts them on teams based on whether they play in the East or the West. 

“For the NBA all-stars in the West I’m predicting Shai, Luca, Lebron,” said Smith. “[Then] Anthony Davis at the four, and then I’m gonna have Jokic at the five.”

On January 25, the NBA West All-Star Team was officially revealed. Malcolm Smith correctly predicted four of the five starters, despite the team being made up of some of the greatest players to have ever played the game.

“I was pretty close,” said Malcolm Smith, “It honestly wasn’t that hard to predict it because we see a lot of repetition in the NBA all-star games, besides Curry, who isn’t a starter for the first time in 13 years”

With the NBA All-Star spirit, Grandview has different ways they are an all-star and who their all-stars are.

“I am really into fashion so I would say that is what I’m an All-Star at but I also have basketball which my dad got me into and I can’t thank him enough for that so, he is my All-Star,” sophomore Jason Stroope said. “Don’t forget the Celtics though, they’re my true all-stars.” 

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