Wolves Win Big


Kenzie Wager

Photos by Danielle Armitage

The Grandview boys basketball team is surrounded by rivalries. Fortunately, the Wolves came out victorious at each rival game so far. The Smoky Hill game ended with a thirteen point margin. Cherry Creek was beat in a 73-47 blowout. The Raptors were defeated in a last-minute rally by the big blue. And recently, the Cherokee Trail Cougars added to their losing record after the Wolves destroyed them.

The match against Eaglecrest brought some adversity as Grandview was behind most of the game.

“We have an experienced group so we didn’t get down, and we knew with a couple of plays we could change the game and find a way to win,” said Junior starter, Caleb Mcgill.

The Wolves managed to come back, scoring 21 points in the last quarter of the game.

“It was definitely a hard fought, team win for us. They have a talented squad over there and they made us work for everything, but it felt good to battle back and get the win,” said Senior guard, Davon Walker.

After the Eaglecrest game, the Wolves were hungry for another win against Cherokee Trail (CT). The team plans to keep a winning mindset regardless of who they are going up against.

“I just try to do what I can to help my team win, so going into both games that [has been my mindset],” said Mcgill.

While their focus stays the same, the boys want to approach each game according to their coaches so they do not have to face the stress of coming back late in the game, again.

“They do all the looking ahead on the team so we know how to defeat them early,” said Senior forward, Kenneth Norman.

Before Grandview faced CT, the Cougars had a 6-9 record and was ranked 72nd in the state. Grandview compared with an 11-4 record and a number three state ranking.

The Wolves were looking forward to the CT game because rivalries are a big deal to players, parents, and students.

“Both teams always play harder when it’s a rival game, and the games are always packed. [It is] always extremely fun,” said Norman.

The roaring gym is not just exciting for the student section, but everyone in the vicinity can feel the electricity.

“Any of our rival games bring great energy from the crowd, and as a team, we just feed off of it,” said Walker.

On Wednesday, Grandview felt that energy and came out with another win against CT. The Wolves won by over thirty points, making the score 58-23.

The game looked like a win from the first half with the Wolves having a nineteen point lead at halftime. Darrian Leu-Pierre and Dayne Prim both managed to score in the double digits. Caleb Mcgill and Kenneth Norman were big contributors as well, scoring a combined seventeen points.

Grandview hopes to continue their success when they face Arapahoe on Saturday. Go Wolves!