Athlete of the Week – Aidan Biaggi (4/4)


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Biaggi (27) celebrating his perfect game with the team after beating Piedra Vista.

Evan Heiderscheidt


On March 24th, senior Aidan Biaggi, right-handed pitcher of the varsity baseball team, threw a perfect game to give Grandview a 10-0 win on opening day versus Piedra Vista High School of Farmington, New Mexico. With a total of five innings pitched, averaging 2.4 strikeouts per inning (12 in total), and zero walks of course, Biaggi had an excellent outing on the mound on Thursday that is rarely seen in any level of the sport.


Q: What’s your favorite baseball team? Who’s your favorite player currently?

A: My favorite team is the New York Yankees. My favorite player right now would probably be Clayton Kershaw.

Q: How long have you been playing baseball?

A: As long as I can remember. Since I was four maybe.

Q: Have you ever always focused on pitching or have you kind of been interested in other positions as well?

I always liked pitching. I mainly started doing everything until about two years ago, and now I just only pitch.

Q: Will you be playing baseball in college?

Yes, at Colorado Mesa University.

Q: What were your thoughts and mindset on the mound during your perfect game? How did you let them affect your performance?

Really just to keep doing what I do. Don’t let it change anything and just keep going. I don’t think it really affected my performance, I just had it kind of in the back of my mind. People were saying stuff, and I couldn’t really just forget about it because it’s just there.

Q: Have you changed your practice routine at all since last season? Has that possibly affected you?

A little bit more skill-specific training and a little more of my superstitions.

What’s your routine for keeping yourself and your throwing arm healthy?

Definitely band work. That probably has got me to where I am right now. Playing a lot of long toss too, just simple things like that.

Q: At what point did it dawn on you that you would throw a perfect game? Were you expecting it at all?

It dawned on me at about the third inning that it was happening. I had kind of expected it honestly, they weren’t the best team, and it’s what I should be doing to bad teams like that.

Q: What’s your pitching repertoire and what do you usually throw to maximize strikes?

I throw [mainly] a 4-seam fastball, a 2-seam fastball, and then a circle change and a slurve. I just can’t throw a 12-6 curveball.

Q: What was the rest of the team and the crowd like as the game progressed?

I think it was more of an exciting environment, just happy to be out there. It was our first real game out in Arizona, so it’s beautiful and everyone seemed happy. Just happy to be there and see what was happening.

Q: Were there any close calls during those five innings that could have ended it for you?

Yeah, actually. It was the second-to-last batter of the game and he hit the hardest ball of the game that was just a little bit foul, thankfully.

Q: How do you think this accomplishment will affect your baseball career in college and even after?

It definitely gives me more confidence to know that I can do things like that. I think it’ll just help me stay confident; I think confidence is probably the number one thing.

Q: Do you think there was any luck involved with the outcome at all?

A little bit, yeah. Just lucky they didn’t end up getting a hit.

Q: How do you think this will end up affecting the rest of the team later in the season?

Just going back to confidence, really. I mean, yesterday we just lost six-nothing to Regis, but I think knowing that we can always compete with teams will really help us out.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

I would like to thank my catcher, Austin Yi. He called the whole game and I couldn’t do it without him.


Congratulations to Aidan and the rest of the varsity team for this accomplishment! We look forward to what the rest of the year will bring for him and the team.