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3/13 Trevin Clay

3/13 Trevin Clay


Information compiled by Ryan Arnold

Trevin Clay is a senior who represents Grandview Lacrosse.


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How has playing Grandview Lacrosse impacted your life?


Playing Grandview Lacrosse has taught me how to work through adversity as well as be a leader on and off the field.”



What do you value most about your time at Grandview?


Throughout my time at Grandview, I most value what my surroundings at school have taught me about myself and people in general.”



If you could, what kind of cult would you start right now?


If I could start a cult, I would start a cult that researched other cults, as I find the concept of cults incredibly interesting.”



If you could be haunted from anyone in history, who would it be and why?


If I could be haunted by anyone in history it would be Alan Watts. I know he would try to teach me something valuable through the haunting and I believe I’d be able to communicate with his spirit.”



Have you ever been kicked out of a public place? If so, where and why?


One time last year, I got kicked out of the restaurant Tata’s off Smoky Hill Road for confronting the manager about their foul tasting water which had crumbs of who knows what floating in it.  He told me if the water was that gross to get out and never come back again, but you already know I was back ordering a bacon breakfast burrito the next week.”


What is your most memorable moment in lacrosse?


My most memorable moment in Lacrosse was getting to practice and play with my older brother Ryland my sophomore year.  Since he’s older than me, we’d never played on the same sports team until high school came.”



What is one thing you would change about Grandview?


If there’s one thing I could change about Grandview, I would install 15 minute meditation breaks throughout the school day.  I know all students and staff could most definitely gain from this.”



Explain a conspiracy theory that you believe is 100% true.


One conspiracy theory that I believe is true is that there are large amounts of fluoride in our nation’s tap water, purposefully added in order to calcify our pineal glands.”

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3/13 Trevin Clay