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Grandview Track’s New Head Coach- What is Coming Next?


The anticipation builds as the Varsity track team awaits the transformative changes brought by a new head coach and a revamped schedule.

“I want all the different event fields to contribute to a whole team approach, so we can develop champions and winners,” head coach, Charles Moss, said, “It’s not just about the elite athletes, it’s everybody all the way down to the new freshman that have a chance to grow and improve.”

The training approach revolves around a brand new warm-up routine which has become a cornerstone of their regimen. With extended warm-ups, they prioritize their physical well-being, reducing the chances of injuries and muscle strains, and ensuring they are ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

“Our big training method is connected to our warm ups. They are a lot longer now so that helps our physical health and helps us be at less risk of tearing something and/or getting injured,” junior Faris Kahale said.

In the world of sports, there’s a growing emphasis on inclusive warm-ups and fair treatment for all athletes. 

“[Moss] advocates for inclusive warm-ups and equal treatment, despite differences in events, speed, and athleticism,” senior Jeremiah Stevenson said. 

However, with the new changes also come new adversities. Some runners are not thrilled with the season’s outcome so far. 

“We are running meets against opponents we have never ran against before. They are not nearly as competitive as we are. If we win, I don’t think it represents our skill level as a track team,” Stevenson said.

However, Moss has a system set up that proves significant insights on both individual and team improvement. It monitors progress through skill level and speed. 

“We’ve got a record board on our team website with a chip timing system. It tracks our progress throughout the season, comparing us to current and past athletes. You can see where you started, where you finished, and all the progress in between,” Moss said. 

This new system and the difference in warm ups are some of the many changes Moss has made to the track team. With new coaching comes new ideas and practices. 

“Moss has made a strong impression, and for good reason,” Khale said. “As we trust the process, it’s becoming clear that the coaches know exactly what they’re doing, and we’re starting to see results.”

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