Cheering for Our Poms


Photo Courtesy of: Mackenzie Burroughs


Earlier this month, the Varsity Poms team traveled to Florida to compete in Nationals against some of the most impressive Poms teams in the country. The Poms program at Grandview is one of the best, with the girls being hardworking as they make a great team.

“We‌ ‌did‌ ‌great,” said junior Abby Dey. “We‌ ‌got‌ ‌11th‌ ‌for‌ ‌[our] Game Day [routine] an‌d 14th for [our] ‌Jazz‌ [routine].”

“Just being around all the insane, really good teams, and knowing that you’re good enough to compete against them, is a cool feeling,” said junior Mackenzie Burroughs.

Over the trip, The girls became closer as a team as well, forming deeper friendships.

“I would say the main thing was bonding with my team and really getting to know each other [and] feeling more comfortable around each other,” said junior Teagan Vandenbergh.

“My favorite part was probably just being there as a team and with each other,” said Dey.

“We got to spend a lot of time with each other and going to Disney together was a lot of fun,” said junior Hannah Robinson. “I just feel like we bonded a lot.”

With Covid-19 preventing the Poms from competing at Nationals in Florida these past few years, it was practically the whole team’s first time.

“It was basically everyone’s first time except for two seniors and two juniors,” said senior Captain Antonia Davis. “So seeing everyone’s first reactions and seeing how everybody handled it was really fun and being there to experience so many firsts for a lot of these people and a lot of lasts for me and the other seniors.”

“Everyone was kind of overwhelmed by everything, it was super new for basically the whole team,” said junior Izzy Ludlow.

The girls are all proud of their performance and dedication this past season.

“My favorite part was probably coming off the floor and feeling like we did so well and we put our best performance out there and knowing that we did our best,” said sophomore Cleo Leake.

“I think we performed really well,” said Senior Pom Anna Humphrey. “I’m really proud of us.”

Burroughs also agreed. 

“We put our best work on the floor,” said Burroughs.

Although the team didn’t place as well as they hoped, the dancers are looking forward to making their next season one of the best yet.

“We are going into the next season insanely motivated and ready to take everyone else down,” said junior Captain Grace Reid.

“I don’t think it was the year for us,” said Robinson. “After watching all the teams that we saw at finals, I think we learned what we needed to do to get ourselves to where we want to be.”

For the seniors, this season definitely made an impact on some of the dancers’ experiences.

“Everything’s just a little bit bigger deal,” said Humphrey.

“It definitely made me very sentimental about things,” said Davis.

Senior Zoe Kanive shares a different perspective.

“[Being a senior] makes it really bittersweet to do a lot of things,” said Kanive. “But I wouldn’t say it really affects it that much.”

The memories and bonds that the Poms dancers shared from this experience and season overall will last a lifetime.

“I had so much fun,” said Freshman Pom Ellie Colson. “That’s what it’s about, making memories because those are the things you’re going to remember.”