Studying and Destressing Techniques for Midterms


Midterms can be an exceptionally stressful time for high school students. Not only are teens trying to own up to their parents and school expectations, but are also trying to manage the stress that comes with it. There are a variety of ways to study and destress. Here are some ideas:

1. Breathing exercises

Breather exercises always help calm people down. The regular breathing exercise is through the nose, hold, and out through the mouth. 

There is also the 4-7-8 breathing technique. Close your lips and inhale through the nose for the count of four. Hold your breath for the count of seven. Then exhale completely out the mouth. There are also a variety of apps to help with different exercises to help with stress and anxiety.

2. Going out for walks with your headphones on full blast.

Listening to your own music and blasting it while walking around your neighborhood can be very nice. Whether it’s during the day, sunset, or at night gazing at the stars. A break from studying is always needed and earned. Some fresh air as well always helps.

3. Listening to instrumental music while studying.

Instrumental music while studying is really nice. It’s a way of listening to some music but without all the words that can be distracting. Listening to some of your favorite songs is always nice but allows you to be able to concentrate. 

4. Study for 30 minutes, take a break for 15.

This is a very good studying technique. You work out your brain for a couple minutes then take a break. It’s a way to recap what you studied or wrote down. So for every 30 minutes you study you take a break for 15. If you study for an hour, take a break for 30. 

5. Make time for friends and talk about what you feel.

Hang out with some friends. Chances are, they also feel the same stress you do. It’s a way to destress together and hang out. Go get some coffee, some dinner, anything. Or even study together which would be really fun as well. Just stay on track

6. Coffee/tea/drink run 

I don’t know about you, but for me drinking some Ice tea while studying helps me a lot. It helps me keep my energy. Whether it’s some Dutch Bros or Starbucks or even some random drink I make myself. It helps me stay on track. 

Take a few minutes to leave your house and pick up a beverage to keep you going for the test of the day.

7. Eat healthy throughout the day.

Eat some healthy foods like salmon and some veggies, just healthy foods in general. If you’re a person who likes salads, there are a variety of salad places and you can take off to pick one up at.  Mad Greens, Panera or even some you may like to make on your own. For the people who don’t like salads, there’s also a variety of healthy recipes so you can make anything to your exact specifics.

8. Go out for a run.

Going for runs or simply exercising helps with stress. Now that it’s a lot warmer, going for runs in the park or going to the gym can be very therapeutic.

9. Set up a schedule. 

Planners and calendars are a great way to keep track of your busy schedule. Writing down exactly what you need to study is a great hack to success. Setting specific times for when you should study one topic keeps you on track.

10. Meditate 

Meditation helps with slowing the heart rate, and reducing stress. Taking the time to dig deeper into your mind’s most peaceful state can help with distressing.

11. Yoga 

Yoga has been proven to have many benefits. Some possible benefits include improved mental health, lowered stress, and anxiety improvement. Between every new subject you start, take 10 minutes out of your studying time to do yoga. 

12. Keep a journal to write down what you’re feeling.

Journaling what you feel is the first step to becoming self aware. If you take the time to think about what’s causing you stress or anxiety it can help you feel better.

After you’re done studying one subject, write down what was causing you the most stress when studying this subject. Once you write it out, don’t focus on that past feeling, move on to the next subject and come back to it once you’re more relaxed.

13. Buy some note cards and color code everything.

Pull out those highlighters, crayons, and colored pencils. Color coding notes has been known to help with improving memorization, but this can also be seen as an opportunity for fun during your studying. Assign a specific color to one subject. Note cards can also be a great way to study the most important things before you take the test.

14. Take a break for ice cream.

Ice cream is one of the best sweet and salty creations in the world. Take a 30 minute break and go get some ice cream. 

Ice cream contains amino acids as one of these is called tryptophan, which is known to raise serotonin levels, a hormone responsible for making you happy.

Here are some of the best ice cream places:

Baskin Robbins

Dairy Queen

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Cold Stone 

15. Go to a pet store and look at all the cute animals. 

Take a break from studying for an hour to go look at pet shops. Pets are known to raise oxytocin levels in humans. Oxytocin can raise feelings of trust, and relaxation. Oxytocin also has stress and anxiety releasing properties.

If you don’t feel like going anywhere but have a fluffy animal at home, spend time with them. 

16. Go to the park and play in the playground. 

Rekindle that feeling from your childhood of enjoying a playground, and bring some friends. Sometimes you need to feel like a kid again. Don’t lose sight that you’re still a child when you have big responsibilities like midterms. 

Midterms can be absolutely stressful for everyone, as we are all under the same pressure. Please remember you are not alone. Keep in mind school does not determine how smart someone is. Don’t overwhelm yourself, you are doing great. Study, but also take some time for yourself and a break from everything, you deserve it.