Humans of Grandview: Madison Bonnett


“I have been drawing since I can remember. I can’t recall a time where I wasn’t drawing. Art runs in my family, we all do some form of art. Observing those family members is what intrigued me and that’s how I began drawing.

Art affects my emotions, it’s a way for me to release my emotions in each brush stroke. Art helps me mentally, and gives me a sense of joy and pride.

Art conveys emotion. Certain paintings, drawings, etc, make you feel a certain way. It’s a representation of you, depending on your mood or personality. The majority of my art is pretty lively and cheerful. 

Music is my main inspiration, I can’t draw without it. My pieces represent what I feel through music, it orchestrates each stroke. 

Back in 2019 when I started posting on Instagram, I began posting just for the fun of it and for recognition outside of my family and friends.

Digital art is the medium I use because I have access to any texture, color, or brush size I want just at my fingertips. It saves time and money.

I study other artists’ styles and try to incorporate my favorite part about it into my own. I also watch videos and read books about the fundamentals of art. Alex Gray is one of my favorite artists, his work is so surreal and has such deep meaning. 

I definitely want to attend some kind of art school in my future. I wish for a career that I’ll enjoy. The specific profession I’ve always had in mind is being a commercial artist. A large project I’ve had in mind for a while is to stray away from digital work and start painting, which is one of my biggest flaws in art.

The way I want to draw people’s attention to my work is through portraying emotion through each piece and having the audience feel and sense it. I want people to feel a sense of emotion in my work because I wish for them to feel a personal connection.”