Humans of Grandview: John Lim


“I just want to feel special, and be known for something. I’m not popular or involved with athletics, so I thought I could just try my hardest to get something out of my academics.

I think, just like anything else, there’s a lot of sacrifice you need to put into becoming valedictorian. I don’t have the time for a lot of leisurely activities or sports, etc., so I think just a lot of perseverance will help. Also, my senior year is in two years, so I just have to hope that I continue striving to match the requirements to become a valedictorian.

I wish I knew how to manage my stress and time a little better so that I could have a better mentality. I tend to get pretty pessimistic when stressed, so it’s better to be optimistic and do my work with a better mindset.

I just try to watch some TikTok or YouTube videos to avoid dealing with school and life. That helps me feel refreshed and not become too overwhelmed. I also write down my due dates for assignments on the Sticky Note app on my laptop and I just plan what I will accomplish on each day of the week.

Don’t give up. There will, like always, be struggles in your journey. I hope you all and I just continue trying our best.”