Humans of Grandview: William Harmon


Katie Fisher, Writer

“I am 19 years old, I turn 20 next birthday. [In my family] I have my brother, my sister, my mom, and my dad. [I also have] a mini bernedoodle. His name’s Hopper. [My] sister’s so cool. She is 13, [going on] 14. [I like to help] my mom clean out the dishwasher, [and with] my dad I help clean up the office. [In my free time I like to], take a break, and see my brother. I like to travel.  I went to Italy, Mexico, [and] Disneyworld. My favorite ride was the teacups. I moved to Connecticut [2 years ago]. It’s good there.”

“[I help] with Special Olympics. I like to play sports with Special Olympics kids. It’s fun. [I am a member of Unified Cheer, Basketball, and Swimming, but,] I like basketball the best. [This is my] third year. I’m also on the Youth Activation Committee for the state.