This Year for Yearbook


While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many obstacles to overcome, the yearbook staff has faced multiple challenges from the beginning of the year to now.

In the beginning of the year the yearbook staff lost their Senior Editor, Cam Shelton, and had to completely reorganize their staff. Chloe Inhelder, who initially was only meant to be a co-editor, stepped into the role of Senior Editor of the yearbook.

“It took me a few days to think it over, especially with being a varsity athlete and with being a senior captain for Cross Country,” said Inhelder. “In the end I knew I could do it with the help of the entire staff, the support of the management team and Mr. Varca.”

The beginning of the year was tough for the staff, but they were able to stick together through such challenging times.

“We knew we needed to stay in a positive mindset and be there for one another while accomplishing our goal for this book,” said Inhelder.

The staff came together by dedicating the yearbook to Cam.

“The staff was able to gain momentum after the summer by coming together to dedicate the book to Cam. We used the theme she came up with and tried our best to carry it through the entire book,” said co-editor, Renee Eckley.

The beginning of the year wasn’t the only challenge for the yearbook staff. They also struggled to be able to properly work together with a 31 person team.

“The most challenging obstacle this year was managing a staff of different personalities and work ethics,” said Inhelder.

Despite the challenge, the staff was able to properly communicate in order to finish the book.

“It was difficult to compromise and communicate between so many people, but eventually were able to communicate better by having more editorial meetings,” said Eckley.

The staff was working hard to finish the yearbook, but another obstacle came up: the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Quarantine has affected our book especially with the Spring sports being suspended,” said Inhelder. “We have had to reduce the amount of pages for our spring supplement due to the amount of coverage we have.”

Despite the quarantine, the staff are still working to complete the yearbook.

“There will still be a yearbook; we have the physical book printing as we speak. We only have the spring supplement to complete which we had to drastically change due to our current situation,” said Eckley.

The staff are continuing to work daily to make sure the 2020 year will have a yearbook.

“On the Friday, where we had a non-contact day, Mr. Smith saw me in the hallway and asked me what I was doing at school and I told him I was at school for yearbook,” said Inhelder.  “His response was you guys never sleep do you? My response was never.”