Humans of Grandview: Presley Shaw


“I’m tall, white, I have blonde hair and blue eyes, but I like to say that I’m outgoing because I make a lot of friends. I feel good about myself sometimes, depending on the day and the people who are with me, because if other people are in a bad mood, it puts me in a bad mood and not feel good about myself, but if I am with my best friends they make me feel good about myself. I have short friends and I am taller than all of them which sets me apart from them, and I have been to 4 different schools in my life. I make friends easily, but I unfortunately have to leave all of them when I have to go to another school, and I eventually forget about them. That’s the sad part because I don’t talk to them anymore but I wish I could. Moving to Colorado was my biggest struggle. I lived in Texas and then we wanted to move here with my family and I lived in my Grandma’s basement and I slept in a room with my brothers, and then I got a house in the ‘ghetto’ and then my Mom got a boyfriend leading to us moving into an upper class neighborhood. Now, my struggle is math class.” 

Interview by: Ashlyn Turbyfill

Photo courtesy of: Presley Shaw