Humans of Grandview: Dylan Curry


“I’m Dylan Curry. I live in Aurora, Colorado, but I was born near Seoul, South Korea. I was adopted super quick because white people love little fat asian babies. My birth parents were college students, and I was born out of wedlock . I am a senior and I plan to go to CSU and major in Biology and Zoology. I want to be a Zoologist and specialize in Herpetology, which is amphibians and reptiles. I’m going to try and get my doctorate so I can open my own practice so I can attempt to do my own research. I want to go into the subject because I don’t like people all that much, so I got into animals pretty fast. I’m also Jewish and that confuses a lot of people. I am co-president and co-founder of the Jewish Student Society, which you should join. We eat a lot and have fun. And you don’t have to be Jewish to join.”

Interview by Ava Bonavia, Kira Howells, Will Brent. Photo courtesy of Dylan Curry.