Humans of Grandview: Sebastian Bermudaz


“I’m trying to become a mechanic. What I like about [cars] is their complexity. Basically you can do anything with a car as long as you know how to work a car. My brother introduced me to cars. I had to switch out a suspension because the car was not gonna work. I try to do it every week or so to try to learn a little more. I find more of an interest in cars than school. The Lincoln Aviator 2004 is fun to drive. If I were to go speed wise, I’d probably have to go the G6 Pontiac Gt. [That] truck has a lot of power, if someone were to crash into me I don’t feel like I would die. When I first got my permit some guy t-boned me and I fractured my leg. I was turning right someone was turning left while they had the red, that’s why I got money out of it. They t-boned me. I was turning they hit me right on the side, and then I went to the hospital. They said it was fractured. They wrapped it up so that way I didn’t move it. It was really difficult wanting to move. Nowadays I go to the gym because being healthy is a good thing.”

Interview and photo by Signe Sandstrum, Ashlyn Turbyfill, and Maxwell Reid