Date or No Date – Should You Bring a Date to Prom?

Prom, a day you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little kid. The perfect hair, the perfect dress, the perfect suit, and the perfect date. Although, maybe not that last one for some.

Does having a date for prom actually mean you get to have the perfect prom experience you’ve been dreaming of forever or would you rather spend time with all your best friends one last time before graduation comes?

Growing up we all saw classic high school movies, like High School Musical, where they idolize teen romance and dances such as prom. We had set expectations of what prom would be like. We get the Limo, the dress, and the date. 

“I didn’t think I was going to have a boyfriend to go with, but when you’re little, the idea of prom comes up in movies,” junior Leila Hadian said. 

Idolizing teen romance and the excitement of taking a date to prom has always been a dream of many. The slow dancing, eye gazing, and the dream kiss at the end was just the cherry on top. 

“Movies are a lot better than real life, so it wasn’t the same as I expected it to be,” senior Sofia Pantina said. “I’m going with my group of friends and inviting more people to go with us.”

Others like the idea of having a date, picking out a color, and getting a corsage for your date. 

“Matching is really cute to do with a date,” senior Tristyn Speakman said. “The thought of doing that with someone would be nice.”

When we see older siblings go to prom with a date, we feel this heavy desire to have the same experience. Some put so much demand into prom because they are afraid of how others might see them dancing by themselves on the night of. 

“I don’t think everyone feels that pressure,” Hadian said. “ I think it depends on how you want to  be perceived.” 

Others may not feel the pressure of finding a date and may see it as unnecessary. 

“Everyone is trying to find someone for one night,” junior Mike King said. “What is the point when the night is up?”

Instead of feeling peer pressure, others may internalize the pressure of finding a date.

“I would say people who really value idealized romance really put pressure on dates,” Speakman said.

Although some don’t feel the importance of taking a prom date, some still feel fortunate enough to have one for the night. 

“ I don’t feel like I need a date for prom,” King said. “But I got lucky enough to have one.”

The unique experience of prom night ultimately comes down to each individual and the choice they make. 

Many juniors and seniors are happy going with friends and don’t feel the burden of taking a date. 

Understanding that each prom experience is different and that everyone can celebrate the way that they would like to is very important. 

For this year, make your own decision on date or no date. Don’t feel any added pressure and just try to have as much fun as you can!

“It only happens once so you get to have that really good memory,”  senior Kaleb Lawson said.