Meet the Miracle Week Kids: William Feldman


William Feldman was first diagnosed with SLC6A1 after he turned 3. Finally, his parents get answers after a while of asking consistent questions.

“[It] gave us some hope because we had some answers to best help,William now that we had a diagnosis,” William’s mother, Mrs. Feldman said. 

William is one of the kids we are sponsoring for miracle week. We are keeping our heads up and must remember we can make a difference, both for the kids and the parents we are sponsoring this week. 

“To be able to have the special event just for them to highlight them and celebrate them and celebrate our organization, it means so much, ” Feldman said. 

While times certainly have been hard and challenging, the kids and their parents know to stay positive and keep going. 

“It’s a burden on all of our relationships, on our whole family… so you just have to take it day by day and live in the moment,” Mrs. Feldman said.  “Enjoy the days and the good times, and the bad times all will pass.” 

William is now 5 years old, he loves break dancing, rap music, hockey, football, baseball, and basketball. 

He is a massive ISU Cyclones football team and his favorite hype song is Power by Kanye West.

All of us working together can help Willam and the other kids gain even more power to stand against SLC6A1. Help us raise money for a cure for William, and the other kids affected by SLC6A1.

You can support William and SLC6A1 Connect this week during our Miracle Week or donate directly to SLC6A1 Connect Go Fund Me page.