Things to Do Over the Summer (OPINION)


We often dream of a world where we can do anything we want all day, but we fail to take advantage of all the free time we have during summer. The hours in between meetups with friends, work, family vacations, camps and sports are often filled with mindless activities that can leave us dying of boredom. If you ever get bored of bulldozing through your watchlist on Netflix or going to the pool, here are some fun things you could do this summer.

1. Attempt to game the TikTok algorithm and go viral

We all know that social media can be an outlet for comparison and low self-esteem to manifest, but it can also be a place to make positive connections and express yourself. Find your niche–the app has communities like #BookTok, music reviews, and short films. If you do get on the “For You” page, it is the perfect opportunity to brag about the likes you got. Due to the quick pace of the app, popularity on the platform is fleeting, so the embarrassment you may face from broadcasting yourself is short-lived.

2. Use the library to find cool and interesting movies

Kanopy is a website that offers movies for free as long as you have a public library card. Their selection features Sundance Film Festival and Academy Award winners, and international movies with subtitles. Try to pick unpopular movies with trailers and descriptions that capture your eye. It can also serve as a break from the same movies that everyone else is talking about. 

3. Go thrifting

Thrifting has become popular among teens in recent years. You can go with your friends to get feedback on what looks good on you. When you’re sorting through racks of used clothes, it feels rewarding to find a piece that matches your specific tastes, making it more special than buying new clothes. You could also take your thrifting game a step further by upcycling clothes, like making a headband out of a shirt, cut-off jeans, or adding patches or embroidery embellishments to denim.

4. Go to a live show

There are many musical acts coming to Denver this summer such as the Glass Animals and 5 Seconds of Summer. You could also watch a live theater performance. Dear Evan Hansen, which won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2017, is showing at the Buell Theater from May 31-June 5. It’s not too late to grab tickets. It is a fantastic musical full of laughs and tense moments that will make you cry.

5. Make something new

Crafts aren’t just for grandmas. Creating things can be highly therapeutic–art requires short, repetitive motions that allow your mind to stay focused on the task at hand instead of ruminating on negative thoughts. You could create a crochet cable cover that looks cool while protecting your phone charger. A trinket tray in your room can be made out of air dry clay and acrylic paint. Supplies for crafts can be easily found at Joann Fabric and Crafts. Creating an Etsy page is a great way to sell your crafts, but you can also gift them to friends and family. If you find something you would like to make, it is highly possible that there is a tutorial for it on YouTube, Pinterest, or TikTok.