Serendipity: The Invisible Cliff of Life

Katie Fisher

Everyone has heard of the cliff. Not a physical one, of course, but rather the metaphorical one. The cliff that symbolizes risk.

Whether you’ve heard of it, experienced it, or heard the universal, “if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you too?” question, the cliff, and risk itself, is something that has been a part of all of our lives at one point or another. 

From selecting a college, starting a new job, or breaking up with your significant other, there is a level of risk involved in almost every decision. You face a cliff, and you either jump, accepting the consequences that may come along with it, or stay back, in the comfort of normalcy. 

Yet, a different kind of cliff also exists. One that is there if you look for it, but very few do, or even consider its existence. 

What of the decisions that little to no thought is put into? Small, insignificant choices in the great scheme of life that may just put you on the path you are supposed to be on. This is the cliff that I speak of. The Invisible One. 


Or, the random occurrence of events by chance that benefit the experiencer. 

The small, insignificant choices that we make without a second thought. 

Like for me, freshman year. I was one elective short to meet the minimum credit requirement. Scroll through the list. Journalism, that sounds like a good choice. Select. Add to requested courses. Don’t give it a second thought till school starts.

Fast forward three years, that one decision led me to finding my second family. I found a mentor who I will forever turn to in times of need. I found two people who seem to understand me better than I do myself sometimes. I found a physical location that I feel comfortable in (and a great place to crash in on off-periods). 

Or my decision to attend one sporting event on a random Thursday this year. I received an offer I couldn’t refuse, and continued to attend meets through the rest of the season. Yet, without that spontaneous choice, I wouldn’t have my way back to a camera, and the joys that photography can bring. 

Even take this Invisible Cliff. I believe almost everyone has found themselves at the edge of this one every year on the dot. Choosing a seat on the first day of class. Not a very conscious decision. You settle into the middle of the room, or near the window, wherever your gut tells you to go. A decision made solely on impulse for most.  

It was this way for me on the first day of sixth grade. Algebra class. Met a nice girl. Formed a bond, got on the road to creating a friendship. Got closer. And closer. 

Fast forward to today, she has become one of my closest companions. Someone I can turn to with any problems, any risks that need to be discussed. This Invisible Cliff decision has been repeated multiple times for me since, with a deep friendship resulting every time. 

None of these situations were planned. They were not a visible ledge, where a lot of thought was put into taking the plunge, but something that requires little to no thought.

And it is always these spontaneous moments that have led to the most dramatic shifts in my life. 

Call it the universe, call it God, call it fate, I don’t care. But, these events are not a coincidence. They are not a random occurrence of events. They are purposeful. 

Think about it. We all have passions, we all have that one deep connection that means more than the entire world to us. Were you actively looking for it? Or was a door randomly opened up to you one day, and you unconsciously walked through it? 

Did you jump when you could not even see the cliff? 

That’s the beauty of life right there. 

But, you have to remember one thing. The Invisible Cliff is unseen for a reason. That is the magic behind it. 

Don’t look too hard for it, or the wonder will disappear. For if you look for the hidden, you will shine a light on things that are not meant to be experienced yet. And who knows, maybe if you look too consciously, the events will not occur as they are supposed to.

So, sit back. Enjoy the ride. Embrace the cliffs as they come. 

But, treasure the Invisible Cliffs when they come into your life, even if you can only see them in retrospect after you have already jumped.

They’ve put you exactly where you are at this moment in time. Exactly where you are meant to be. Who knows what comes next? No one knows.

What an exciting possibility.