Girls Tennis – Reflection and Progression


Girls tennis is one of the many spring sports at Grandview that is nearing the end of the season. The team is currently within the top three schools in Colorado in the 5A division.

“We’re third in our league. If we win our game against Arapahoe, we will be second under Creek,” said senior Halia Pena.

Junior Grace Kirkpatrick also shared her thoughts on this season as well.

“I’m really excited that our team has a really good chance at regionals and state this year. This is apparently the best team our school has had in 20 years and we’re aiming for 2nd at regionals (behind Creek of course),” said Kirkpatrick.

Sophomore Samthana O’Brien also added, “You have to win [in] the regionals tournament and then you get to go to state.”

The girls’ amazing season can be attributed to their optimistic mindset and hope in growing throughout the season.

“I think we have really tried to look at everything in the best way possible and tried to take the best of everything we have done,” said freshman Shriya Ginjupalli.

The team has also not let minor setbacks ruin their chances of winning match after match.

“There’s always setbacks and negative things that happen, including the weather. It’s really hard to play tennis with a little tiny ball just flying through the wind because it just goes crazy,” said senior captain Ella Mahaffy. 

“But if we can keep our focus on what we can control and be positive with the rest of the season, I think that will help us succeed.”

“Even if we have taken losses here and there, we were always able to come back and not let it tear us down,” said Ginjupalli. “Now we are tied for second place in the league, which is super exciting.”

One of the best aspects of this sport is not just how well the girls have played, but the memories made as a team.

“I’ve always played tennis on my own, so coming here and being a part of the team and having people to cheer you on and honestly just working together [is] probably one of the most exciting things,” said Ginjupalli.

“I think it’s been our best season we’ve had since I’ve been here,” Pena said.

The remainder of the season is promising and the girls are looking forward to future seasons as well.

“Being a senior I’m trying to instill values and positivity within the underclassmen so they can carry it onto the next years. My favorite part is getting to know everyone and spending time together,” said Mahaffy. “I’m just super excited about this season.”