Inside Student Leadership


Student Leadership members collaborate on a sign for Miracle Week.

In a community of thousands, very few actually understand those who make the decisions that impact all. 

Our Student Leadership team works hard to make sure everyone gets their voice heard and are allowed to participate in the creation of school pride, even though many may not see their constant commitment. 

“Student leadership is a mix of all grades, we all participate in planning events like homecoming, prom, and miracle week,” junior Ryan Williams said. 

Student Leadership is a group of students split up into different committees who all plan events, restaurant nights, and fundraisers. However, in recent years this has been made quite difficult by COVID-19.

“We had our entire spring committee plan and then it got canceled right away, we didn’t get to do as much as we usually do,” senior Lindsay Ryan said.  “100% [of] everything was affected by Covid, the places that we could plan with the places that accepted us for restaurant nights or venues or anything like that.”

The Covid pandemic has affected Leadership so much that even the lowerclassmen in the group has had to adjust during these times.

“It was a big change for them and they had to adapt to circumstances but I feel like that made us a stronger class of kids,” junior Ella Dicola said. 

With Covid becoming less of a threat, the Leadership team have now been focusing on getting things back on track. For instance, they have been going to and promoting art related events instead of only focusing on sports. 

“We want to make it so everyone feels represented here,” Ryan said. “We want to do something for people that don’t enjoy sports who prefer something more artsy.”

As school begins to return to normal, Student Leadership is setting their attention towards the future.

“We want to make it even bigger, like homecoming, maybe bring it to different venues,” Ryan said. “[Overall we] just make events even bigger and better [and] to get the school more involved.”