Draft Dodging in 2022


Uncle Sam’s calling, and he wants you! No, it’s not a joke. So strap on your boots and do a few push ups before being drafted to the most powerful military in the world

With tensions rising with the U.S and Russia; possibly the fate of the entire world in the two global superpower’s hands, questions of a possible draft are rising in the United States. 

A “Draft” is a practice that’s been used throughout history. Male citizens, deemed fit enough to serve the army, are required to join the military for the said respective government.

“The first universal draft, or mass conscription of young men regardless of social class, took place in France during the French Revolution.” This practice was soon adopted by the United States, which “called for registration of all males between the ages of 20 and 45.” 

Throughout the 1900s the draft continued in strength with the Selective Service System, which eventually went on hold in 1973; congress with the ability to reinstate it if need be. 

Yet not every male citizen wanted to serve and protect.

Draft dodgers were people purposefully not signing the Selective Service System, or fleeing the country during the Vietnam War. “In all, about 100,000 Americans went abroad in the late 1960s and early ’70s to avoid being called up. Some 90 percent went to Canada where, after some initial controversy, they were accepted as legal immigrants.” 

But this wasn’t just something that ended in the 70’s. Congress as of recently has been debating the inclusion of women in the draft, with the final verdict being decided in September of last year.

Even in other countries, such as South Korea, it’s still required for men aged 18-35 to serve in their military for at least 20 months.

So this raises the question, are all new 18 year olds going to have to dodge this draft and flee to Canada? 

It’s complicated.

With Russian President Vladimir Putin launching an invasion on Ukraine early morning on February 24th, 2022; U.S President, Joe Biden has instead imposed Sanctions on all of Russia. 

Politicians are still playing this intricate game of chess with the world, as diplomats still try to figure out this whole situation, which is far too complicated as of now to cover in this short story. Congress also hasn’t released any information about the draft since last year. 

Most likely, the draft will not be reinstated, especially not at this time. 

So, 18 year olds, kick back, relax at home, and in the unlikely event that the Draft is required, make sure to have your Canadian citizenship on hand. 

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