Society’s Double Standards


Every day a new standard is created. A new look is prioritized, and more women are affected by the standards that society creates. 

“Society puts pressure on girls especially to dress modestly while boys can run around shirtless,” said freshman Brooklyn Stevens.

The standards that society has developed over many generations have become more widely discussed.

“As a woman, it is deeply rooted in our society to act ‘ladylike’,” said senior Josephine Warren. “Society’s views on women have caused me to always be thinking about how other people see me.” 

The idea of a woman’s innocence is still expected in their adolescent and adult years.

“Society has influenced me to act like I’m some innocent little girl with no ideas of her own,” said sophomore Karolina Golabek. 

The double standards that society constructs often make women feel as if they can’t be who they sincerely are. 

“In our society if you don’t look perfect or like an adult, at a very young age you are seen as undesirable which is very damaging to me and many other girls who have been taught to seek validation from others,” said Warren.

Social media has contributed to these toxic standards becoming more prevalent in women’s everyday lives.

“Social media influences our day-to-day lives and everyone online wants to look perfect,” said Golabek. “So when others see that people can fit this societal ‘perfect’ we don’t feel like we have done a lot, and I definitely feel that way.”

These platforms provide easier access for people to compare themselves to others.

“I personally can say that when I see people’s posts I think to myself that I might not be as good as them,” said Stevens.

Societies’ other wants in what women should resemble have created other implications of how women view themselves. 

“The expectation of society to be skinny but not too skinny has had a huge impact on how I think I should look,” said Warren.

Families’ wants for their daughter’s perfection have led to the further perpetuation of these standards.

“Not only society, but my family have influenced and pushed me to fit into this box of ‘normal,’” said Golabek. “I need to be skinny but not too thin.”

With the widespread usage of masks due to COVID in recent years, they have been used as a tool for some women’s confidence to grow. 

“Masks have helped my confidence as well as kept me safe from sicknesses,” said Stevens. “I know that whether I’m wearing a mask or not, I’m pretty and have nothing to hide. Beauty comes in all forms.”

Some could also argue that masks have weakened their self-confidence. 

“I have noticed that with wearing masks I have become more self-conscious about the size and shape of my nose because I don’t see that part of my face very often anymore,” said Warren. “When I do see my nose I get surprised at how big it is.”

The lack of validation from society, men, and relatives shouldn’t be the reason why women see themself as undesirable.

“You are perfect the way you are,” said Stevens. “We are all different and have different body types which makes you special so don’t let society try to change you.”