The Best Super Bowl Snacks, Scientifically [OPINION]

Evan Deickman

In just a few hours, Super Bowl LVI (Fifty Six) is coming up. From halftime performances of some of the biggest people in music history, and multi-million dollar commercials having everyone on the edge of their seats, we can’t go without the perfect Super Bowl Snack.

From a table full of nachos, to lolli-popped chicken wings, to hundreds of pounds of crispy chips, there are many options for your table this Super Bowl season. Yet, maybe there are other things that we often overlook that’s perfect for your party. 

Starting off strong, according to Instacart, 99% of Americans planning on watching this game have bought chips. I mean, what can go wrong? 

“Instacart sold 66,498 pounds of Tostitos Scoops Tortilla Chips.” This is obviously going to be on our Fantasy Snack roster this year. Now, the perfect dip.

You can’t go wrong with Salsa to match the chips. Taking a quick look at the prices for Tostitos Mild Chunky Salsa, the 24oz option at Walmart for $4.48, with 5.38oz per dollar, while the 15.5oz jar for $3.44 has only 4.50oz per dollar. 

Now that we’ve gotten the entrees out of the way, now for the main course, which gets a little tricky. From loaded nachos, to DiGorno pizza, and who can forget the chicken wings. 

We’ll make this fast, but calculating the recipe cost for 17 people, loaded nachos, using a recipe from Delish, costs you about $33.16 dollars in ingredient amounts. On the contrary, buffalo wings from Delish, cost you $19.52, nearly 1.7 times cheaper. 

Right now, you’re throwing a pretty tasty Super Bowl party, however, this is all just to account if each person has one serving of the main entree, when on average people eat a lot more than that, especially on Super Bowl Sunday, where over one billion chicken wings are consumed. Although my calculations are a bit on the low side, we never said it had to be your party. 

Now, drinks. 

Coca Cola, by far the most popular drink in the world. A pack of 6 bottles of Coca Cola costs $3.85, or $0.64 per bottle. The 12 pack of cans costs $5.68, or about $0.47 a can. Coming to check out; with about $17.76 in bags of chips, $8.96 in salsa, $19.52 in chicken wings, and $8.05 in cola, with a total of…

Drumroll please.


Now take in mind, these are all calculated on one person getting one serving of each, or one can of cola. It would make more sense to multiple this number by two, maybe three. But that would be theoretically the cheapest, yet still fun Super Bowl party.

Or maybe, you could just order take out. But times are closing to get your food, and stores are already selling out of your Fantasy Food-ball necessities. 

See what I did there?