Super Bowl 56 Predictions (Q&A)


Grant Britain

With Super Bowl 56 being right around the corner, many have the same question: Who is going to take home the Lombardi Trophy?

The two contenders playing in the big game are the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. The Bengals are looking to win their first-ever title after beating the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime 27-24 as underdogs in the AFC Championship game.

In the NFC title game, the Rams came back late in the 4th quarter against the San Francisco 49ers, scoring the last 13 points to win 20-17.

Days before the big game, I decided to go around our school to hear people’s thoughts on what’s going to happen during this year’s Super Bowl. 


Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?

Damian Agurrie: The Rams.

Mr. Smock: I think the Rams are going to win the Super Bowl.

Bryce Allison: I think it’s going to be a toss-up but I think the Rams are going to take it.

Jake Chau: The Bengals. I hope the Bengals win at least.


What will the final score be?

Damian: I think maybe 30 to like 20.

Austin Euritt: 38-25.

Mr. Smock: My gut’s telling me 24-17.

Bryce: I know there’s gonna be a lot of points put up, but towards….30 in the 4th quarter. 28 to like 30 something.

Jake: I think it’s gonna be close like… 24-14 I think is [the] final score.


Who will be named SB MVP?

Damian: [Cooper Kupp]. Yeah, I think so because he has been doing pretty well.

Mr. Smock: Aaron Donald [because] I don’t think that the Cincinnati offensive line matches up well with the Rams defense line. I think that’s the big difference in the game.

Bryce: Probably Aaron Donald.

Jake: I wanna say [Joe] Burrow, but I think [Ja’Marr] Chase is going to win it.