Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Valentine’s Day is known as a romantic holiday. Some celebrate it, some don’t. It can be fun if you celebrate with the right person. Whether it’s with a significant other or some friends, it can be fun. If it’s last minute or planning a few days ahead, here are some ideas. 

1. Movie Date at Home

Think about getting some chips, ice cream, cookies, candy. The key to a nice movie night with your significant other is simple; blankets and some cuddles. Doesn’t cost that much, maybe 25 bucks max. It’s easy, it’s quick and overall just nice spending time with that one special person on Valentine’s Day. 

2. Fancy Dinner 

If you want to go big this Valentine’s Day with a huge romantic gesture look no further than a nice expensive dinner. With a tea light and some roses. Gazing into each other’s eyes. Like a scene in a romance movie. Denver hosts several options if this romantic gesture is up your alley. (Just watch those prices) 

3. Picnic at Sunset

A picnic with a blanket and some romantic music at the park at sunset. With some things you can find in your home. It might get a little cold (Bring a jacket in case they get cold). Also consider bringing a couple snacks then just settle back and enjoy each other’s company. 

4. Cooking or Baking 

Cooking together is always nice. Cooking a steak or baking some cupcakes together or chocolate covered strawberries. Can be fun, with the possibility of throwing the flour around. Then finally sitting down and eating. You will appreciate the meal more knowing you put your time and effort into it and knowing you cooked it together makes it all that more special. 

5. Trampoline with Lights, Blankets, Pizza, Chinese Food and Matching

If you want a more unique idea and you happen to have a trampoline, you’re in luck. Gather up multiple blankets and make a fort with them. Bust out a movie on a laptop. Some lights from the Dollar Store and something to eat; pizza or candy. Surprise them with a fort and whatever valentines gift you got them and match. It‘s cheesy but totally cute. Since it’s quite cold a perfect excuse to cuddle in a romantic setting.

6. Make a Fort 

This one is for all the singles this Valentine’s Day. Even with some friends, building a fort is always fun. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day and your friends are single too consider reminiscing on this childhood pastime. There you are not spending Valentine’s Day as lonely as you thought you were. 

7. You Cook them a Dinner and Surprise them

Who doesn’t like being surprised. Well I know some don’t but surprising them with some dinner is nice. Some shrimp, chicken or even ordering take out and saying you cooked it. Don’t actually do that but it’s an idea. 

8. Going to Downtown Denver

We can all agree that Downtown Denver when dark is gorgeous. There are multiple nice restaurants to go to, have dinner and take some gorgeous pictures. Showing off your significant other.  Or go with some friends and show off that you don’t need a romantic date on Valentine’s Day. 

9. Scavenger Hunt

A Valentine’s scavenger hunt. Some ideas, going down to the grocery store and picking their favorite snacks, things in their favorite color or food. There are different categories you come up with. This can also work in a mall. Or even make it in a park and hide things around with clues or in someone’s house. 

10. Ice Skating

The skating rink is still open in Southlands. Not as cold. Still fun and affordable and a last minute date that looks like you put time and effort into it. 

11. Dress up Super Fancy and go to Chain Restaurants 

Who doesn’t like dressing up all fancy? Knowing you look your best in your favorite dress or suit. Fixing your hair up, getting a haircut. Being with that special person on Valentines Day no matter where you go is special in it’s own way. In the end, if you end up sharing an Oreo Mcflurry is still wonderful and the feeling that comes with it.

12. Game Night 

Walmart and Target have a variety of games. Grab some board games and whoever loses gets a cupcake in the face or water thrown on them. Adding your own little twist in games for you two makes it more special.

13. Go Karts 

Go karts are so much fun. If you ride in one together even better. Or if you’re both competitive you can race against each other. The loser buys the other ice cream. 

14. Arts and Crafts from the Dollar Store. 

The Dollar Store is affordable and quick. Pick up your favorite colors and paint a portrait of each other, paint some flowers. Or if you aren’t dating, ask them by drawing on a canvas super cute idea. They have a variety of things to get creative with. Some mason jars, fake flowers, candy. 


In the end if you at least get to have fun, see the person you want, and spend time with them  is all you need, no matter the price, spending time together is a gift itself.