The Theatrical Sensation That Is Spider-Man: No Way Home (OPINION)


Spider-Man: No Way Home is a masterpiece. Dare I say, it might be one of the greatest films in the history of Marvel.  

As of January 9th, 2022, the film has achieved its fourth domestic weekend box office in a row. That is in addition to becoming the sixth highest-grossing grossing movie ever in North America and the eighth highest-grossing film in global history. Not to mention its $1.53 billion in earnings.

Even those unfamiliar with Marvel can say this is deservedly so. This movie is a tale of doing right in the face of wrong, this movie proves that the iconic underdog is one of the most model-worthy superheroes out there.

After a whopping 60 years, we continue to look up to Spiderman as both a hero and simply a person. More specifically, a teenager faced with the problems high school brings.

Marvel effectively enforces the lessons he teaches in a way that pays homage to Spiderman’s history while appealing to the new generation.

We start right after the previous movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home. Of course, we’re used to watching Spiderman’s most powerful foes become aware of the boy’s identity in a climatic and tense fashion. This time though it’s his greatest enemy of all time – the public.

To Peter Parker, it was never about praise or recognition. He simply did what he did because he knew it was right, all the while leading the life of a nerdy teenager who was consistently picked on. Even his theme song states this:

“Wealth and fame

He’s ignored

Action is his reward.”

The movie establishes early on that despite how hard Peter has worked to protect his neighborhood, the now-famous teenager’s life has changed for the worse. 

The media has made him an enemy because of a false claim from the late Mysterio that Spiderman was behind the most recent terrorist attack shown in, Spider-Man: Far From Home. People do believe just about everything they see online, don’t they?

On another note, it isn’t just Peter who is impacted by the reveal. It’s also his friends and his family.

Even as society shuns him, he still thinks about the best interest of those he loves. A true role model.

However, in his desperate turn to Doctor Strange to fix this entire mess, his fear of losing everyone close to him puts the whole world in danger.

We are launched into the thrilling action and adventure that Marvel is known for, filled with conflict from our favorite villains over the past 20 years. 

The movie even brings back Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire so that both may reprise their role as Peter Parker, earning a nostalgic reaction from the audience.

After the murder of his Aunt May by the Green Goblin, Tom Holland’s Spiderman finally snaps. The screenwriting effectively forces the audience to sympathize with this hero. We even want him to have revenge on Norman Osborn, who wasn’t even in control of himself when he committed the deed.

While we are used to watching Spiderman battle his foes alone, this movie brings the perspective of two people who have already fallen down this path of revenge. Maguire and Garfield teach Holland’s Spiderman a lesson in the art of revenge and how, despite how much someone deserves a painful fate, a true hero does not pursue retribution. After all, this dark mindset defeats the purpose of what a hero is meant to do.