Growing Up Too Fast: The Sexualization of Females (OPINION)


The sexualization of women happens everywhere and everyday. No woman is safe from being judged, sexualized, or objectified. Even if they’re wearing “modest” clothes. 

Sophomore Angelina Miranda has her own story about being sexualized. 

“[I was sexulalized for eating] certain foods [when] I ate a banana for breakfast in the cafeteria, and for bending down when I drop something and so many other things,” Miranda said.

Sexualization has many lasting impacts for women, ranging from emotional, mental, and physical implications.

“It made me feel like I was gonna throw up. [I felt] insecure, unsafe, anxious, sad, and hurt,” Miranda said.

“I had to ignore what happened and later that day, [but] when I got home, I cried because of what women have to deal with.”

Judging women for what they wear and looking at them as if they’re a creature for your enlightenment is objectifying them. 

Women wear clothes that show skin and stomach, but that doesn’t give men the right to sexualize them.

“Clothes do not allow consent nor do they let somebody else comment on how they look on a person,”  freshman Ella Buck said. “Just because a person has something revealing or showing skin does not mean that another person can judge them.”

Women should have the right to walk around in whatever clothes they want without feeling objectified. 

“Men should know it’s wrong to sexualize a woman without her knowing consent,” junior Sofia Talvo said. “Women should be able to wear what they want.”

Even though sexualization is nothing new, the growth of social media has led to a new platform for this vile behavior to thrive on.

“Social media has shown that sexualizing women is okay and that people can comment on other women’s bodies,” Buck said.

Yet sexualization is not just limited to older women. Younger girls have also had to deal with getting sexualized on social media. 

“I have seen young girls being sexualized for literally being young,” Miranda said. 

“I have seen comment sections under a simple cute Tiktok they make and old men comment on them about how ‘She’s so young so perfect’.”

Families should have conversations with their daughters and granddaughters about protecting themselves.

“Mother figures should teach their daughters on how to handle the stigma you face as a female and to never be ashamed of your body, but also be aware of what people can do to you,” Falvo said. 

The response to sexualization is unique to every woman, and can affect them on a larger scale. 

 “My self image was completely destroyed and I couldn’t think of myself in a different way,” Buck said. “There are still days that I think about what people have said even if it was a long time ago.”

Confidence is key. Wearing what you would like to wear without caring for the opinions of others is the biggest validation you need. 

“Women should be able to feel confident in their own body, they should be able to wear what they please without getting sexualized,” Miranda said.