Q&A with Two-Time State Winning E-Sports Captain Dillon Pham


From left to right: Coach Nevares, Josiah Gonzalez, Jacob Wier, Pham, Sean Kim, and Lucas Fiedler

Photo Courtesy of: Megan Taylor


Q:  How did you feel going into the championship and what was it like being in-person, seeing as though last year wasn’t?

A: Throughout the year, I truthfully was confident going into the championship since I knew the potential and ability of this grandeur team. I knew we had the championship “in the bag”, and good thing we did! I was excited that we got to play our state championship in person because the experiment was surreal. I loved every second of this event, and felt unstoppable being there.

Q: How did you feel when you lifted the trophy above your head?

A: This moment definitely created a core memory for me. Seeing all the people who came to support and watch either in person or virtually was something I wouldn’t want to miss for the world. I want to thank Coach Budd, Matthew Kishinevsky, and Alex Chitkoksoong for supporting me, and uplifting my spirit towards this E-Sports adventure! 

Q: What is your role/influence as the captain of the E-Sports team and why did you take this role?

A: As the team captain, I partook in roles that encompassed around communication, forming personal connections with each individual, and leadership. I ensured that our team made practice every day, got to know each other, and pushed them to their best. I wanted to make an environment where it doesn’t feel like I’m superior, but instead that we are just students sharing a common interest to compete in something they’re passionate about. 

Q: Who was your hardest matchup this year?

A: I would say that Castleview was our hardest matchup this year because they were very coordinated as a team and knew their strengths and weaknesses; however, we were able to overcome their ability to perform in the game with our exceptional teamwork, in-game mechanically ability, and strategically. 

Q: What does practice look like?

A: We practice Monday – Thursdays from 4:15 – 5:30. We get onto discord and play into normal matchmaking que’s to practice where Coach Nevares and Coach Donovan spectate and see what can be done better. 

Q: What does the comradery look like?

A: Not only are we overly comfortable as a team and how we talk to each other in discord, but we are friends in-person also! Having this relationship makes us unstoppable. 

Q: What would you tell someone who was considering joining the team?

A: E-Sports is growing as a community world wide, and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. If you know who you are and do the things you are passionate about or enjoy, that’s all that matters. I encourage anyone who believes they are capable of joining our state winning team to try out and carry on this legacy at Grandview. It is truly possible to have “The Best of Both Worlds” like Hannah Montana once said: Being an E-Sports State Champion and an accomplished traditional athlete. It’s about the balance!