Writer’s Den Writer of November: Loop

Writers Den. Illustration by Jay Schmetz

Writer’s Den. Illustration by Jay Schmetz

Writer’s Den is here to present our first featured writer. Any and all writers are welcome to submit their work throughout the year for the literary magazine that will be published in May, but featured writers are voted on once a month as a way to show off the work our writers are doing throughout the year. Featured writers are chosen by the members of the literary magazine using a ranked voting system. Please enjoy the poem, “Lady Death,” by our November featured writer, Loop!

 “Lady Death”  Writer: Loop 

I still remember when I met you 

remember the days spent at the water’s edge, talking 

as you washed the day’s laundry. 


You used to smile then 

The scent of meadows and summer clinging to you 


As if nature itself worshipped you 

the stars would sing for you, 

Would glimmer on your ombre hair, 

glow in your gentle amber eyes 

stubborn, yet so fragile, 

You were summer, you were the world, you were everything. 

and I loved you 


“Death,” you called me, and would laugh at the word 

“I wish I could leave with you 

And walk where the sun can’t reach,” you would say. 


“One day,” I said, “everyone will, one day.” 

I wish 

I could have told you how cold it is 

on the other side 

how lonely it is 

to carry soul after soul 

to the beyond 


But you shook your head at me 

Picking up your basket 

“You’re far too solemn,” you laughed 

And pressed my cold hand to your warm face 

before you went away 

silent and graceful as a shadow 


one day you did not return 

and in years I would forget 

but who knew an immortal heart could be so empty? 


I remember, decades later, when 

I saw 

your body 

at the bottom of a bridge, 

motionless in death 

and I held you in my arms as I bore 

you up, up, up 

to your place in the stars 

I held you 

as you breathed out the last of the mortal warmth in your dying soul 


“You came back for me,” you whispered through chapped lips. “You came back.” 

“I always do,” I said. 

And even then, you were so beautiful, even 

with your aged skin, the crinkles that had 

folded around your mouth and eyes 

lined your face 

And you touched your pale hand to my cheek and sighed against me, 

and knew you were home 


We’ve spent centuries together, 

journeying the stars 

laying mortal souls to rest. 

You don’t smile like you used to 

and we have no words left for each other 

and the nights run cold, so cold 

but you hold me like 

we are the only things in the universe 

and I love you